Loss Indemnification

25 years of experience in indemnification for the losses of our clients

For the period of its business activity, INGO has indemnified for the individuals’ losses amounting to over UAH 1.5 bln.

The company has paid almost the largest insurance indemnity in the market for a loss on one facility, amounting to over $42 mln.

Over UAH 1,9 bln have been paid for the damaged cars.

Since 2006, we have paid over UAH 827 mln for treatment of our clients under the health insurance contracts..

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$ mln have been
to 1 company

$ mln have been
paid for medical

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25 years for people and companies


in A-rated


working experience
with the companies of 32 countries
of the world

International Partnership

25 years of working experience with international partners

INGO cooperates with 54 international business partners.

Experience in reinsurance with partners in 32 countries of the world.

INGO is the exclusive representative of one of the best insurers in the world – FM Global as well as Generali Employee Benefits Network (GEB) specializing in the corporate health insurance coverage.

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