How INGO works

INGO Insurance Company continues its work and fulfills its obligations under concluded insurance contracts. Due to the martial law, some branch offices and agencies are working online, while others continue to work in offices. You can clarify details of the work of our regional offices at 0 800 215 553 or via Viber / Telegram.
Currently, INGO provides opportunity for receiving insurance indemnities under a simplified system. This means that the insurance indemnity will be issued remotely without the need to visit the office.

Each loss is considered in accordance with the terms of a particular insurance contract. All events (losses) will be settled by the company as the events with coverage, except for the limitations specified in a particular insurance contract. We receive the documents, required for taking a decision on the insurance indemnity, as scanned copies or photocopies to e-mails: For health insurance: For motor and property insurance: In the application, please indicate the current contact phone number and e-mail of the insured person, by which he can be contacted in case of the need for any clarifications.
The insured events are registered in the usual way by contacting the contact center at 0 800 215 553 (free of charge from all numbers of operators in Ukraine).

To apply from abroad, we recommend using Viber / Telegram or call +380 44 490 27 47 (the call cost is determined according to your mobile operator tariffs). INGO Medical Contact Center is open around the clock. Technical Contact Center (motor and property) is is open around the clock. You can put all questions you have to the contact center employees.
The claims under motor third-party liability insurance will be settled in the usual way. In the event of an accident with two parties involved, we recommend drawing up a Europrotocol (the limit of coverage is increased to UAH 130 ths).

We also recommend taking photos of the scene with the location of cars and damage. Please immediately contact the INGO contact center, if possible. In your car is stolen, immediately report this event to the National Police and INGO.

Please note that some repair shops have now suspended the reception of customers or changed the work schedule. When settling the claim, INGO employees will provide up-to-date information and will try to find out the possibility of repair for each specific event. The company's specialists will also help to agree on the payment procedure with the car owner. The company employees will help to agree the procedure for paying indemnity with other car owner. If necessary, the documents may be sent for settling in the form of photocopies in a convenient way (e-mail, chats with the company in messengers).
All CASCO losses abroad are covered in accordance with the terms of the specific insurance contract and coverage territory. The losses with the second party involved must be registered as traffic accident in accordance with the laws of the host country. As a rule, in all European countries such losses without the presence of aggrieved parties are registered by the Europrotocol.
All insurance health insurance contracts remain in force. The company continues to organize and pay for medical services for insured clients. If you have paid for medical services in Ukraine yourself, you can now receive indemnity remotely without a visit to the office. The documents, required for taking a decision on the insurance indemnity can be sent in the form of scanned or photocopies to the address In the application, please indicate the current contact phone number and email of the insured person, by which he can be contacted in case of the need for any clarifications. The information on the case status will also be sent to the specified e-mail address after reviewing the documents. Please send the original documents (as soon as possible) to the address: 33 Bulvarno-Kudriavska str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01054.
The insured persons, who have gone abroad and have a VHI policy, can receive online consultations with a doctor (in the relevant specialty). To organize them, please contact the INGO contact center in any convenient way (phone, Viber, Telegram, messenger).

To receive more medical services abroad, we recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy. During martial law, this can be done online, even while abroad. The contract will take effect 2 days after its conclusion.



"INGO" Insurance Company Paid UAH 110 million for Provision of Medical Services to Its Clients in the 2nd Quarter of 2023


Insurance Becomes Important Financial Tool Amid Significant Increase in the Cost of Medicines


INGO Insurance Company Accelerates Process of Ordering Medicines for the Insured

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JSIC “INGO” received the status of the Guarantor within the framework of the Convention on a Common Transit Procedure (NCTS technology)

Loss Indemnification

Over 25 years of experience in indemnification for the losses of our clients

For the period of its business activity, INGO has indemnified for the individuals’ losses amounting to over UAH 1.5 bln.

The company has paid almost the largest insurance indemnity in the market for a loss on one facility, amounting to over $42 mln.

Over UAH 1,9 bln have been paid for the damaged cars.

Since 2006, we have paid over UAH 827 mln for treatment of our clients under the health insurance contracts.

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$ mln have been
to 1 company

$ mln have been
paid for medical

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working experience
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International Partnership

Over 25 years of working experience with international partners

INGO cooperates with 54 international business partners.

Experience in reinsurance with partners in 32 countries of the world.

INGO is the exclusive representative of one of the best insurers in the world – FM Global as well as Generali Employee Benefits Network (GEB) specializing in the corporate health insurance coverage.

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