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Motor vehicle insurance is a generalized concept that includes a wide variety of types of protection for both vehicles and drivers and their passengers. Most car insurance products can be purchased online at INGO!

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Casco AutoSAVE against war risks
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Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL)
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The help we provide

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INGO offers several types of motor insurance policies, each of which is designed to compensate for losses incurred by those involved in an accident. It is convenient to track the status of the case in your personal account.

If you want to protect yourself from losses while traveling in Ukraine, you will need MTPL. This is a compulsory insurance that allows you to save money in case of an accident caused by your fault and the liability to compensate losses to third parties.

To get more complete protection for your car, you can use CASCO. This policy will protect you, as a car owner, from losses resulting from a wide range of risks: natural disasters, accidents involving another car, actions of third parties, etc.

To travel abroad, you will need a Green Card. In the event of an accident, this insurance policy will allow you to compensate for the damage caused by your fault to other road users.