Accident insurance

Insurance protection against accidents for yourself and your loved ones is an action to prevent circumstances that cannot be foreseen

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Accident insurance

What the accident policy covers

Injury or temporary disability due to injury
Injury sustained at home, while traveling, or while playing sports (optional) or temporary disability of the insured person due to a traumatic injury (sick leave)
Establishing a disability group
Establishment of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd disability group for the insured person
Death of the insured person as a result of an accident
Protecting the main thing!

Protecting the main thing!

We cannot predict the occurrence of an accident. But we can protect you from the financial consequences of disability.

Accident insurance is your confidence in the present and the future. Our insurance programs provide financial support in the amount of up to UAH 500 thousand.

We will take care of you
  • We will make a cash payment if the insured person suffers an injury or temporary disability
  • Pay money to the family if the insured person suddenly passes away due to an accident


This policy does not provide for payments to medical institutions.

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Benefits of insurance in INGO

The territory where the policy is valid
The agreement applies to the whole world or only to the territory of Ukraine
Flexible validity period
The policy term is flexible and can be from 1 day to 1 year, depending on your needs
Client's personal account
In the INGO client's personal account, it is convenient to track the status of the policy and the status of insurance payments, quickly pay insurance premiums, renew the contract for a new term, and submit documents to the insurance company online
Insurance terms and conditions
The accident insurance contract is valid 24/7 in the selected territory.
  • Any person aged 1 to 59 can be insured
  • Contract validity period - from 1 day to 1 year
  • The recommended sum insured is up to UAH 500 thousand (for adults)
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How to рave a сontract іssued?
Fill in your details in a special form so that INGO specialist will contact you and advise on the choice of insurance program and insurance registration.
How to рave a сontract іssued?
Enter your personal data
Fill out the personal data collection form
Send a request
Wait for a call/message from our specialist
An INGO specialist will contact you, help you choose a program and advise on the procedure for concluding an insurance contract
Feel safe and secure
After concluding a health insurance contract with INGO, use the medical support service from leading specialists and clinics
Actions in case of an insured event
Report what happened to you
Notify INGO of the insured event no later than 10 working days after the accident
Insured event
Provide documents
Prepare and submit the necessary documents to the insurance company
Get paid
Expect compensation within 21 days from the date of submission of the full package of documents. (The term of insurance payment may differ in cases where state competent authorities are involved in the consideration of the insurance case)
Frequently asked questions
Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about life and health insurance against accidents. Read about everything you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Frequently asked questions

What is considered an accident?

An accident is a short-term event that occurred at a certain time and place under the influence of external factors, occurred suddenly, unintentionally, against the will of the insured person, and caused damage to his or her life and health.

Acute or chronic diseases and their complications (both previously diagnosed and newly diagnosed) caused by external factors, including myocardial infarction, stroke, aneurysm, tumors, functional organ failure, congenital organ anomalies, etc., shall not be considered an accident.

What determines the cost of an insurance policy?

The main factors that affect the cost of a policy include the set of insurance risks and the amount of insurance coverage (i.e., the sum insured). Secondary factors include a person's age, occupation (if insurance is required for employment and/or sports), territory, time and period of the contract.

Who needs accident insurance?

It is advisable for everyone to have such a policy, but we recommend that it be taken out first of all by persons who, by virtue of their activities, face increased risks of an accident. These are people who are actively involved in sports at the amateur or professional level, as well as people who are engaged in high-risk work. For example, high-risk work includes work at heights, work involving explosives/poisonous substances, work with automatic machines/plants, work on water, and work underwater. Welders, stuntmen, testers, etc. are at greater risk. It is also advisable to insure children who lead an active lifestyle against accidents. Insurance will be relevant for bank borrowers, because in the event of their death, the insurance company will pay the bank the sum insured under the contract and close the loan obligation.

What documents are required for insurance?

To apply for a policy, you must have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a permanent residence permit, a certificate of taxpayer identification number (TIN). If a child is insured, a birth certificate is required if necessary.

How much can I insure against an accident?

Accident insurance is a voluntary type of insurance, so there are no limits to the insurance limits. As an insurance company, we allow our policyholders to determine the appropriate amount of insurance. The recommended minimum is UAH 10 thousand.

Is it possible to purchase a policy in INGO for a bank loan?

Yes. To take out such a policy, you need to contact an insurance company manager who will prepare the necessary contract. Unlike a regular policy, this contract designates the bank as the beneficiary. It should be borne in mind that some banks have their own requirements for such a policy. They determine what the set of insurance risks should be, the amount of sum insured, the duration of the contract, etc. To be sure that your insurance policy meets the bank requirements, we recommend that you find out in advance and have an insurance contract issued with the help of INGO specialist.

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