Health insurance

We have been creating and implementing health insurance programs for 30 years. This allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to maintaining and restoring your health and the health of your loved ones. Our health insurance programs are best suited to your needs and wishes.

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Health insurance

Health insurance from INGO covers

Emergency ambulance service
Emergency medical care in case of life-threatening conditions
Hospitalization and inpatient treatment
Accommodation, medical procedures, therapeutic and surgical treatment, medicines
Outpatient care
Laboratory/instrumental diagnostics, consultations with specialized doctors, house calls, sick leave
Provision of medicines
By doctor's prescription, according to the selected insurance program
What is health insurance?

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a compensation for the costs of treatment and purchase of medicines. In accordance with the chosen insurance program, we organize medical care in medical institutions - partners of INGO.

We cooperate with a network of more than 1600 trusted professional medical institutions in 85 cities of Ukraine.

From the first visit and 24/7, you are accompanied by experienced INGO medical coordinators. We keep in touch through a communication channel convenient for you: phone, messenger, chatbot, mail.

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How to have a contract Issued?
Fill in your details in a special form so that an INGO specialist will contact you and advise you on choosing an insurance program and taking out insurance.
 How to have a contract Issued?
Enter your personal data
Fill out the personal data collection form
Send a request
Wait for a call/message from our specialist
An INGO specialist will contact you, help you choose a program and advise on the procedure for concluding an insurance contract
Feel safe and secure
After concluding a health insurance contract with INGO, use the medical support service from leading specialists and clinics
We will take care of you
We will take care of you

Only the highest level of service

We have developed several voluntary health insurance (VHI) programs based on many years of experience. Among them, you can choose the services you need and that are important to you.

Our health insurance programs are based on our 30 years of experience. Choose the program and services that best suit your needs.

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Benefits of insurance in INGO

Round-the-clock organization of medical care in Ukraine
Separate emergency line
Fast assistance in critical situations, own round-the-clock medical contact center
Quality control of medical services
Proven partner clinics and laboratories, experienced doctors
Actions in case of an insured event
remote settlement
Make an appeal
Call the medical contact center, indicate your policy number and tell us about the symptoms of a deteriorating health condition
Insured event
Get medical assistance
Visit a doctor at the agreed clinic and at a convenient time
Get well
Follow your doctor's prescriptions and get well, and we will take care of the payment for medical services
Frequently asked questions
Here you will find answers to the most common questions about health and life insurance
Frequently asked questions

What is health insurance for? What does it include?

Under the health insurance policy, you receive services in medical institutions in case of health deterioration. Voluntary health insurance programs include basic and additional options such as emergency medical care, outpatient treatment, medication, emergency and routine inpatient treatment, as well as dental care, a number of preventive options, dermatology, diagnostics for Covid-19 treatment and other options.

Why do I need to take out an insurance policy if I have signed a declaration with a doctor?

The current medical system of Ukraine does not in any way cancel the possibility of voluntary health insurance. Health insurance not only provides financial protection in the event of a health disorder, but also allows you to receive full support services from the moment of illness until full recovery. Depending on the insurance program options selected, the insured person can receive medical services even in private medical institutions and from highly qualified specialized doctors.

What treatment can I get under a medical policy?

The scope of available treatment is determined by the set of services included in the chosen insurance program.

Let's look at a few examples:

Example 1: SARS.

After the initial consultation, the doctor may prescribe a number of laboratory and instrumental tests, which results in a final diagnosis and treatment. The insurance company reserves the prescribed medicines at the nearest pharmacy convenient for the insured person or arranges for delivery. After completing the course of treatment, a second consultation with the doctor is scheduled, who records the improvement in the patient's health or adjusts the regimen and continues treatment until complete recovery.

Example 2: Pulmonary disease requiring inpatient treatment.

The patient has undergone treatment for a respiratory disease on an outpatient basis, but his or her condition has not improved and is even steadily deteriorating. The authorized physician prescribes extended outpatient diagnostics, as well as a number of instrumental studies, which reveal that the insured person has developed pulmonary disease. Given the clinical picture, the trusted doctor recommends further treatment in a hospital. The medical assistance doctor of the insurance company, together with the insured person, determines a suitable medical institution and organizes placement in an inpatient department. The insured person continues treatment, the costs of which are fully covered by the insurance company for the fastest possible recovery. If necessary, the insurance company organizes the delivery of medicines to the hospital.

Example 3: A disease that is included in the list of exclusions:

The insured person complains of a health disorder. The medical assistance doctor of the insurance company organizes a consultation with a highly specialized doctor, who, after the consultation, prescribes the necessary laboratory and instrumental tests. Based on the results of these tests, the specialist establishes a diagnosis or refutes a suspicious diagnosis and refers the insured person to additional consultations with other specialized doctors. After all consultations and diagnostic tests are completed, the diagnosis is confirmed, and the treatment of which is included in the list of exclusions from insurance. This is the end of the insurance company's responsibility in this case.

Who can be insured under a health insurance contract?

The insured person can be any individual aged from birth to 60 years who, at the time of concluding the contract

  • does not have an established disability of group 1, 2,
  • does not have any of the following diagnoses: toxic hepatitis, chronic hepatitis B, C, D, E, F, liver cirrhosis, chronic renal failure, stroke, malignant neoplasms, etc.

Will my health insurance be valid abroad? Are there any restrictions on the territory of Ukraine?

The health insurance policy is valid on the entire territory of Ukraine, except for those areas where the state authorities temporarily do not exercise their powers and those located on the contact line.

If you are planning a trip abroad, it is better to purchase a travel insurance policy designed to indemnify for medical expenses during a trip abroad.

Does health insurance cover dental treatment?

Yes, but the scope of coverage and insurance limits depend on the insurance program.

Which medical institutions are covered by insurance?

Our insured can be treated in medical institutions of various types of ownership and levels. INGO's network of partner institutions includes more than 1600 medical institutions in Ukraine. All partner medical institutions are grouped into certain categories from 1 to 4, starting with state/departmental medical institutions (including specialized research institutes) and ending with branded commercial medical institutions. When choosing an insurance program, read the list of clinics to determine the level of follow-up care you need. After the contract comes into force, you will receive medical services at the medical institutions you have chosen in the insurance program.

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