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Choose a staff insurance program to suit your company's needs. Our range of services and insurance benefits will help you quickly restore people's health, reduce company losses due to illness and increase employee loyalty.

We have enough expertise and experience to ensure a stable and healthy team.

We offer solutions that we have developed specifically for corporate clients.

Voluntary staff health insurance
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Accident insurance
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By taking out a corporate staff insurance contract with INGO, you will receive high-quality service and timely medical care for your staff 24 hours a day.

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We guarantee high-quality medical care in the best public and private medical institutions of Ukraine. We employ experienced specialists who will take care of the full organization of the necessary medical care, taking into account the location of the insured person, time and his/her wishes.

We care about our clients, so we have developed modern and efficient services to make the use of insurance as easy as possible. We have our own medical centers in Kyiv, cooperate with pharmacy chains and more than 700 clinics in 85 cities and towns of Ukraine.

Under the accident insurance contracts, the company guarantees cash payments in case of health disorders, death, and disability. This will be an important financial support for your company's employees in difficult life situations.

Advantages of сorporate staff insurance in INGO

Efficient use of funds
The insurance company will help to effectively organize timely and high-quality medical care for staff
Reduction of production costs of the enterprise
Low incidence of staff illness and its rapid recovery will reduce production costs of the enterprise
Employee loyalty
Taking care of staff health helps to increase loyalty and builds a positive image in the labor market
Frequently asked questions
In this section, we have collected the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you do not find the information you are interested in, please use the feedback form.
Frequently asked questions

What treatment is available under the staff health insurance contract?

The health insurance policy is aimed at paying medical expenses aimed at restoring health as a result of

  • acute illness
  • chronic disease in the acute stage,
  • accident (injuries, burns, poisoning).

What determines the cost of corporate packages?

The cost of corporate packages depends on:

  • number of employees
  • filling the program with different types of medical services
  • the sum insured within which medical care is provided

Who can be insured under a staff insurance contract?

The insurance terms stipulate that, in addition to the company's employees, family members can be insured at the corporate rate.

Does health insurance cover dental treatment?

Thus, if the employer has chosen this option among the selected risks recorded when having the insurance contract issued.

In the event of the death of the insured person, who receives the payment under the accident insurance contract?

Designated beneficiary (or heirs by law)

How quickly can I get indemnity paid under accident insurance contracts?

Within 15 days if there is an application for the appointment of a beneficiary.