Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL)

Insurance of your liability while driving a car. Calculate and buy a policy online in 5 minutes.
Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL)

What the policy covers

Damage to property of third parties
If you cause an accident, we will indemnify third parties for the costs of restoring your car/property. The statutory maximum amount of such coverage is UAH 160,000. If you wish, you can increase the amount of liability. To do this, select the extended coverage when calculating in our calculator.
Harm to life and health of third parties
If the driver of another car, passengers or pedestrians are injured in an accident caused by your fault, the insurance company pays for their treatment or compensation for fatalities. The statutory maximum amount of such coverage is UAH 320,000.
What is a Motor Third Party Liability Insurance?

What is a Motor Third Party Liability Insurance?

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance is a compulsory insurance of your car owner's liability, which guarantees you the safety of your own funds in case of an accident caused by your fault.

In addition to the standard compulsory coverage under MTPL established by law, you can increase the sum insured (indemnity) by choosing insurance packages from INGO:

  • «MTPL+» - add an additional amount of UAH 100,000.00 to UAH 2,000,000.00 to the standard limit of coverage for damage to property of third parties.
  • «Conscious Protection» is a direct settlement program. If you are not at-fault driver, but it is the other driver, apply to INGO for compensation without waiting for the decision of at-fault driver's insurance company.
Choose your own MTPL
How to take out a policy?
Calculate the cost, pay for the policy online and instantly receive an electronic document by e-mail, phone or download from the client's personal account on the INGO website.
How to take out a policy?
Choose your own package of Motor TPL insurance
Use our calculator: enter information about your car, choose an insurance package and find out the cost of insurance coverage.
Apply online
Enter your personal data
Enter your customer data in the specially defined fields to apply for a policy.
Pay and sign your policy online
Pay for the policy online, sign it using an SMS code that will be sent to the phone number you specified and instantly receive an electronic contract officially registered in the MTIBU database. An electronic policy has the same legal force as a paper one.
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INGO offers several types of insurance coverage, each of which is designed to compensate for losses incurred by those involved in an accident.

Take out and extend your MTPL, as well as, if necessary, provide documents on the insured event and track the status of your insured event online in INGO Client Area.

Benefits of insurance in INGO

Round-the-clock communication by any means: phone, messengers, e-mail
Instant calculation of the cost and payment of the policy (new or renewal) in a few clicks
The electronic policy is officially registered in the MTIBU database. It has the same legal force as a paper contract
Actions in case of an insured event
remote settlement
For the Client or Aggrieved Party
Fixing the appeal
Call INGO's contact center from the accident scene and provide detailed information about the circumstances and parties involved in the accident. Register the accident using Europrotocol or with the participation of police. Follow the instructions of contact center operator.
Insured event
Determining the amount of damage
Send documents regarding the event to INGO using online services. Provide the car (other property) for inspection by an INGO representative to record the damage and further calculate the damage caused.
Payment of indemnity
Agree the amount of indemnity with INGO and receive the insurance indemnity.
Frequently asked questions
Here you will find answers to the most common questions about motor insurance. Read about everything a driver needs to know about motor insurance.
Frequently asked questions

Why is MTPL a compulsory policy?

Pursuant to the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory Insurance of Third Party Liability of Motor Vehicle Owners" and the Traffic Rules (par. 2.1. g), it is a violation of the applicable law to drive vehicles on Ukrainian roads without a third party liability insurance policy. Every car owner must ensure that he or she has a valid motor third party liability insurance policy in place in a timely manner.

Why is an electronic MTPL policy better than a paper one?

An electronic CTPCI policy is an identical analog of a paper document with the same legal force. You can buy an electronic policy at any time on the insurance company's website and always have it at hand (in your email or phone). It cannot be lost or misplaced. If necessary, the policy can be provided at the request of police or aggrieved parties in the accident.

How to check the validity of electronic policy?

You can check the validity of your MTPL policy at , which operates on the basis of the data from the MTIBU centralized database. Follow the link, enter the policy number or the state number of your car. The system will provide the necessary information.

How does the policy help in case of an accident?

MTPL policy allows a driver, who causes an accident, to transfer his or her financial obligations to the aggrieved parties to the insurance company. The better your insurance coverage is, the less you will have to pay for the damages of aggrieved parties.

How to choose the best MTPL?

The terms and conditions of MTPL insurance are regulated by law, so they are the same for everyone, including the maximum limits. For example, the maximum amount of indemnity for property damage is UAH 160,000, and for life and health - UAH 320,000.

The insurance terms may differ by the amount of deductible you choose when applying for the policy: UAH 0, UAH 1,600 or UAH 3,200. The deductible is the amount that you undertake to pay out of your own pocket in case of an insured event. Therefore, the higher the deductible is, the cheaper the policy is. Choose what is more important to you - saving money when buying a policy or in case of an insured event.

There are other ways to improve insurance conditions. For example, you can increase your insurance coverage with an additional voluntary insurance policy MTPL+. Such a policy costs less than the compulsory MTPL, but the sum insured can increase even up to UAH 2 million.

Who is eligible to buy MTPL at a discount?

According to the law, pensioners, disabled persons of group II, persons affected by the Chernobyl disaster and classified as category I or II, as well as war veterans, are entitled to preferential discounts of 50%. A secured vehicle has an engine displacement of up to 2500 cubic centimeters inclusive and belongs to this citizen on the right of ownership.

A discounted policy must be purchased by the car driver and owner. It is not allowed to have a situation where, at the time of accident, the car is driven by a person other than the driver with the documents on the basis of which the discounted policy was issued.

Participants of military operations, affected participants of the Revolution of Dignity and persons with disabilities as a result of war, as defined by law, persons with disabilities of group I who personally drive vehicles belonging to them, as well as persons driving a vehicle belonging to a person with disabilities of group I in his/her presence, are exempt from the obligation to purchase a MTPL policy.

What is the difference between MTPL and CASCO?

MTPL and CASCO insurance policies are completely different in their purpose. MTPL helps the driver to compensate other persons aggrieved in the accident. Instead, a CASCO policy will be needed to restore your own car and helps not only in the event of an accident, but also in the event of car theft, robbery, wrongful acts of other persons, if the car is damaged due to natural disasters, falling objects, etc.

What should I do if I can't find my electronic MTPL policy?

An electronic MTPL policy is always available to you in your Personal Account. Register and get maximum information about insurance. Your insurance policies will always be at your fingertips in your personal account. Anywhere, anytime. Easily pay for insurance services online. For fast and reliable payment, you only need to provide your payment card details.

Quickly submit documents for payment. In case of an insured event, all documents required for insurance compensation can be submitted online.

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