Travel insurance

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Travel insurance

What travel insurance policy gives you?

Organization and payment for services of medical institutions
Payment of the cost of medicines
Emergency dental care
Treatment of COVID-19
Medical evacuation, including repatriation
Compensation in case of flight delay and loss of luggage
What is Travel Insurance?

What is Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance policy is your protection in case of unforeseen health situations during your stay abroad.

Health insurance is mandatory in most countries and is required when crossing borders. A travel insurance policy protects you from significant material losses in case of health problems, as the cost of medical care abroad is quite high and can reach more than one thousand euros.

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How to take out a travel insurance policy?
Calculate and pay for your travel insurance policy in 5 minutes and instantly receive it by e-mail, phone or download it from your personal account on the INGO website
How to take out a travel insurance policy?
Choose an insurance program
Choose the insurance program that best ensures you travel without worries
Apply online
Provide information about the trip and travelers
Provide the necessary information about your trip and trip participants
Finalize your contract
Pay for your policy and receive it instantly on your phone or by email
We will take care of you
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  • Wherever you travel, be sure that you can always rely on us in unforeseen health situations.
  • Travel insurance from INGO guarantees that while traveling 24/7 you will be able to apply for and receive professional medical care of any complexity (treatment, medicines, support and transportation).
  • Round-the-clock medical assistance will select a clinic and a doctor, taking into account your symptoms.

We guarantee and provide you with

We organize and pay for medical care in case of health deterioration abroad
Freedom of direction and omnipresence
Our policy is accredited in all embassies of the Schengen countries and the world. Our tourists are protected in all corners of the planet: on the top of Mount Everest, in the Amazon jungle, or even in the depths of the ocean
Contact us around the clock. We are here for you 24/7!
Actions in case of an insured event
Contact the call center
Contact the call center assistant whose contacts are indicated in your policy.
Insured event
Provide information
Provide the personal data of the person in need of assistance (passport), the policy number and its validity period. Indicate the country of residence and symptoms of deterioration.
Get medical assistance
Wait for the doctor on site or visit him/her by appointment. Undergo examination/treatment and receive prescribed medications.
Frequently asked questions
Here you will find answers to the most common questions that often arise when choosing travel insurance
Frequently asked questions

Why do you need travel insurance?

Travel insurance allows you to pay medical expenses abroad at the expense of the insurance company. The better the insurance coverage is, the more expenses the insurance company assumes and the less you will have to pay out of pocket in case of illness or accident. Moreover, the insurance company takes care of all organizational issues related to medical care. Insurance may also include additional protection options. For example, the indemnification for losses in case of loss of luggage, flight delay or cancellation due to the carrier’s fault, forced cancellation of a planned trip, etc.

What sum insured is enough for a travel insurance policy?

You determine the amount of the sum insured yourself. At the same time, you should take into account the regulations in force in the country of your planned trip. For the territories of EU member states, the requirements of Visa Code apply, which establish the recommended and mandatory sum insured of at least EUR 30,000. For the territory of the United States, the recommended sum insured is not less than USD 50,000.

If I have a biometric passport and can use visa-free entry to Europe, do I need travel insurance in this case?

The visa-free regime does not cancel the requirements of Visa Code, which regulates the need for travel insurance policy.

Can I buy travel insurance with a deductible?

You can buy travel insurance with a deductible if you want to reduce the cost of the policy. However, you should keep in mind that every time you use the insurance, you will have to pay part of the cost of medical services and medicines yourself.

Does the policy cover treatment with a diagnosis of COVID-19?

Yes, all INGO travel insurance programs have COVID-19 coverage, but on different terms and conditions. Information on the coverage under your insurance program can be found at the link specified in your policy.

Do I need to print the insurance policy for traveling or can I save it on my phone?

To cross the border or use the policy in a medical institution, it is enough to have an electronic version of the policy in your phone, which has the same legal force as the paper version. Therefore, it is not necessary to print the policy. If necessary, you will always have access to your insurance in your Personal Account on the INGO website.

Can I buy a policy if I am already abroad or crossing the border?

A travel insurance policy must be purchased while staying on the territory of Ukraine. The policy must have a start date of its validity BEFORE the moment of actual crossing the border of Ukraine. Therefore, take care of getting a travel insurance policy in advance.

I plan to go in for sports during my stay abroad. Is this covered by travel insurance?

If you plan to go in for sports during your trip, please select the appropriate option when applying for the policy and have an active vacation. Please note that sports activities are divided into certain categories depending on the type of sport, including even extreme sports. Sports can be professional (participation in international competitions) or amateur (as a form of leisure). If you have any doubts about choosing a sports category, please consult your insurance manager.

How many people can be insured under one policy (agreement)?

There is no limit to the number of insured persons in one insurance contract. You can insure even large teams at the same time. However, there are restrictions for an electronic policy, which allows you to insure no more than 4 people at a time.

How long should I take out a travel insurance policy for?

A travel policy can be either short-term for a single trip or long-term (but not more than 365 days) to cover a large number of separate trips. When applying for insurance, it is important to indicate the date of the policy's commencement when you will still be in Ukraine. The number of days of the actual trip must match the number of days specified in the policy. Please note that for policies with the coverage area of "European countries" and "Schengen countries", 15 calendar days will be added in accordance with the terms of the legislation in order to comply with the legal regulations. Check the dates indicated in the insurance policy carefully.

What documents are required to apply for travel insurance?

To take out a travel insurance policy, the following personal data of the insured persons must be provided: Full name, date of birth and series/number of the foreign passport used for traveling. The surname and name in the policy must be indicated in Latin in accordance with the transliteration in the passport. The person acting as the insured and directly concluding the insurance policy must also indicate the TIN and address of residence in Ukraine. When applying for an e-policy on the insurance company's website, it is important to provide your personal phone number and email address correctly. They will be needed to sign the contract (using the code in the SMS message) and receive the paid policy.

Are there any restrictions on the territory of the travel insurance policy?

The travel insurance policy is valid only outside Ukraine and does not provide protection in the country of permanent residence. The insurance is valid only in the country or group of countries specified in the relevant section of the insurance contract.

Will the policy be valid if I move to another country?

Yes, if you took this into account when applying for the policy and included the country in the coverage area. For example, when traveling in Europe, you can choose the "Schengen countries" coverage. Thus, your insurance coverage will be valid in a number of countries included in the list.

How can I get insurance for my child?

A travel insurance policy in favor of a minor or an incapacitated person may be issued by his/her close relatives or guardians, or a third party who has acquired such rights under a Power of Attorney from close relatives or guardians. To do this, you must have the child's passport and/or travel document, as well as a birth certificate, a certificate of guardianship (if necessary).

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