House Express

Online insurance against war risks and more
House Express

The policy covers against

Military risks
• Fall of missiles, UAVs, drones and/or their fragments • Explosion of ammunition, mines, bombs • Impact of other weapons and means of warfare, except nuclear, biological, chemical weapons
Glass breakage
Damage to windows, balconies and loggias (including due to military risks)
Household risks
• Fire and smoke damage • Explosion of gas used for domestic purpose • Water damage
Natural disasters
Lightning strike, storm, hail, rain, etc
Unlawful actions
Burglary, robbery, assault
Damage to the property of neighbors
Did your neighbors' house get damaged through your unintentional fault? We will compensate for the damage for you.

The benefits of INGO for you

Online and without a home inspection
Express insurance - without inspection of housing and assessment of its value
From any risks
We indemnify for losses from war and other risks, except for contractual exceptions
Insurance of a rented house
Protect your home even without ownership documents
Please note!
Please note!
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5 points worth reading:
  1. The contract is valid for 12 months.
    Sum insured: from UAH 125,000 to UAH 2,000,000.
    Insurance payment: from UAH 1,049 to UAH 9,160 per year.
  2. Mandatory:
    • the house must be put into operation;
    • repair work must be completed;
    • walls and interfloor coverings (at the same time) are not made of wood;
    • the house is not in an emergency condition: it is not pledged to a bank or any other financial institution.
  3. We additionally reimburse expenses (10% of the amount of damage, but not more than UAH 20,000):
    • restoration of documents (passport, technical passport for the house, etc.)
    • moving and temporary accommodation if the house has become uninhabitable,
    • to reduce the amount of damage, clean up the territory, and dispose of the remaining property.
  4. The policy starts no earlier than the eleventh calendar day from the date of signing. That is, if the event occurred within ten calendar days from the date of signing the policy, no indemnity is paid.
    The exception is the extension of the policy for the next year, in which case there is no deferral.
  5. Coverage area - according to the policy.

Exclusions: AR of Crimea; Dnipropetrovska oblast; Donetsk oblast; Zaporizka oblast; Luhanska oblast; Mykolaivska oblast; Sumska oblast; Kharkivska oblast; Khersonska oblast; Chernihivska oblast/Koryukivskyi rayon; Chernihivska oblast/Novgorod-Siverskyi rayon; Chernihivska oblast/Chernihivskyi rayon except for Chernihiv city.

How to take out a policy?
Apply for a policy online right from your smartphone
How to take out a policy?
Select the amount of insurance
And provide the necessary details about you and the house
Apply online
Read the main terms and conditions
And pay the insurance premium directly on the website
Get a policy and be calm
Your policy is always available in your personal account on
Frequently asked questions
Read the answers to the main questions that most often arise when insuring a home
Frequently asked questions

Who can insure a house?

Both the homeowner and any other person can take out an insurance policy. Even tenants who do not own a home but use it and do not want to be financially responsible for possible losses in the event of unforeseen situations in the home can insure their apartment.

Does the size of house affect the cost of policy?

No, the size of the house or household does not affect the cost of the insurance policy and is not indicated in it. You choose the sum insured from the proposed options based on the value of your property.

What is third party liability insurance?

This is an option in the insurance contract that allows you to protect yourself from liability for damages caused to neighbors or any other third parties. In a situation where you (or events in your home) cause damage to other people's property or harm to their lives, the insurance company will indemnify aggrieved persons for all losses.

Is it possible to insure an outbuilding located next to the house - a summer kitchen, garage, sauna, shed, etc

Thus, under one insurance contract, all residential buildings and outbuildings located within the same household at the address specified in the insurance contract will be insured.

Is it possible to insure an outbuilding used for production purposes?

No, only outbuildings on the territory of the household that are not used for production purposes are eligible for insurance.

What to do in case of an insured event?

Notify INGO of the insured event. Be sure to preserve the affected property in the condition it was in after the event. Send to INGO the documents of the relevant competent authorities and services confirming the fact of the insured event. Receive the insurance indemnity within 15 days.

How is the insured property assessed?

Property valuation is not performed under the insurance program «Home Express». The valuation is carried out by an independent expert in the event of an insured event, within 10 working days after receipt of the Insured's application for an insured event.

Can I choose my own individual insurance amount?

If there is a need for a different sum insured than provided for in the terms of the «Home Express» program, we can select individual insurance terms. In this case, the property is inspected and evaluated by an independent certified expert at the company's expense.

How is the price of works and materials for the restoration of damaged housing determined?

The assessment is made by an independent certified expert according to the methodology used in insurance. The estimate for the restoration work will be prepared on the basis of this calculation.

What documents should be provided in case of a missile debris fall?

In the case of military risks, it is necessary to call the police, who will record the damage and open a criminal case under the article on violation of the customs and rules of war. It is necessary to obtain an extract from the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations (URPI) from the police. This is the main document to prove an insured event with war risks. Other documents are according to the list:

  • Claim for reimbursement
  • Certificate (policy)
  • Notification of the insured event
  • TIN of the applicant
  • Passport
  • Title documents to the property
  • Technical passport of the property
  • If the amount of damage exceeds UAH 27 thousand, you need to fill out a questionnaire.

Do I need to provide documents confirming the ownership of movable property in the house (household appliances, furniture, etc.)?

Under the «Home Express» program, indemnity is paid up to the sum insured, and no ownership documents are required.

If the contract is concluded on individual terms, a list of property accepted for insurance is provided when applying for insurance. In this case, it is advisable to have technical documents for household appliances.

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