How to become a partner

Join the professional community of INGO, an insurance company with 30 years of experience in the Ukrainian insurance market!

Benefits of cooperation with INGO


Expanding the product line

Cooperation with INGO allows you to expand your own product line, thereby increasing sales and profits of your business

Attracting new customers

Cooperation with a well-known insurance company is a guaranteed attention of new customers to your business, because reliable insurance coverage is an integral part of modern activities in any field and industry


Cross-selling with insurance products can significantly increase the average check and overall profit

Access to resources

INGO's partners get access to important resources, such as technological infrastructure, expert knowledge and experience, which undoubtedly has a positive impact on business efficiency and competitiveness

Marketing support

Cooperation with INGOs can include marketing support, such as joint advertising campaigns or sponsorship events. This helps to increase consumer attention and purchasing activity, as well as positively affects your brand awareness

Business reliability

Partnering with a reputable insurance company increases your competitive advantage in the market, enhancing customer trust and confidence in the reliability of your business and the quality of your services