Small and business aviation insurance

We provide insurance solutions and compensate aircraft owners for losses in the event of aircraft loss or damage, and in the event of owner’s third-party liability for damage caused to life, health and property of third parties during the operation of aircraft.
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*Ukrainian airspace was closed on February 24, 2022 due to the introduction of martial law. Therefore, we now provide insurance coverage for owners and operators of aircraft that continue to fly in open airspace.
Small and business aviation insurance
What you can insure
What you can insure
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Aircraft insurance (hull insurance) - we provide compensation for expenses in case of loss of the aircraft, its disappearance or damage (repair, restoration or replacement of equipment)

  • Light aircraft
  • Helicopters, gyroplanes
  • Balloon, glider, unmanned aerial vehicles


Aircraft owner's or operator's liability insurance - we indemnify for property losses for damage caused to life, health and property of third parties (individuals or legal entities) during the operation and performance of aviation operations, provided that the damage is caused directly by the aircraft or an object that has fallen out of it. Or in case of loss, shortage or damage to baggage and hand luggage.

Aviation risks
Protection against risks

Protection against risks

Aircraft insurance (hull insurance) against risks:
  • total loss of the aircraft (actual or constructive)
  • damage to the aircraft
  • disappearance of the aircraft
  • during demonstration, test, training, record-setting flights, aerial chemical operations, aerial photography, firefighting
Liability insurance of the aircraft owner or operator.

We compensate property losses for damage caused:

  • third parties
  • passengers
  • aviation personnel
  • cargo owners
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Benefits of insurance in INGO

Experience and accreditation
Almost 30 years of experience in aviation risk insurance. Accredited by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.
Compliance with regulations
The insurance contracts comply with both the terms of the current legislation of Ukraine and international aviation insurance standards. (AVN1C, AVN6A, AVN19A, AVN26A, AVN38B, AVN48B, AVN61, AVN67B, AVN67C, AVN72, AVN76, AVN77, AVN78, AVN81, AVN108, AVN110, AVN111, AVN139, AVN2000A, AVN 2001A, LSW617H, LSW555D)
Reliable protection
Guaranteed compensation for losses due to extensive insurance coverage and cooperation with leading reinsurance companies in Western Europe and Lloyd's markets.
Optimal insurance conditions
Providing recommendations on determining the required limit of liability under the contract depending on the geography of flights. Optimal rates and schedule of insurance payments for the client
We additionally indemnify for the costs of:
We additionally indemnify for the costs of:
  • transportation of the damaged aircraft to the repair facility
  • delivery of employees, materials and units to the location of the damaged aircraft
  • returning the aircraft from the repair site to the nearest airport
  • ensuring the safety of the aircraft in connection with its emergency or forced landing
  • search operations to establish the location of the insured aircraft, which is recognized as missing
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Frequently asked questions
In this section, we have collected the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you do not find the information you are interested in, please use the feedback form.
Frequently asked questions

What risks do we cover?

Losses resulting from total (actual or constructive) loss or damage to the aircraft during flight, taxiing, staying on the ground, disappearance of the aircraft; necessary and reasonable expenses for reducing the amount of loss, salvage, protection and transportation of the insured aircraft to the nearest place of repair, damage to life, health or property of third parties, passengers, crew members.


What determines the insurance rate?

The type of aircraft and its technical condition, the intensity of flights and their geography, the level of flight crew training, and the statistics of air accidents by aircraft type influence the amount of rate.

For how long can I conclude an insurance contract?

The insurance contract may be concluded for a year, not for the period of the aircraft's flight, for the period of demonstration or training flights, for the period of aviation work.

What types of flights are covered by the insurance?

The insurance coverage is provided taking into account different geographical boundaries for different types of flights: passenger transportation, cargo transportation, general aviation flights (non-commercial flight activities), training flights, test flights, demonstration flights, flights for medical assistance, aviation works.

What happens to the insurance contract if the aircraft is idle on the ground?

The insurance contract may provide for recalculation of the insurance premium in case of aircraft idle time. The unused part of the premium shall be refunded or credited to the following periods of operation.


What is a deductible?

The deductible is a share of the loss paid by the insured. The amount of the deductible is deducted from the insurance payment.

The insured's participation in the risk (deductible) is limited to the damage deductible only. The deductible does not apply to the total loss of aircraft.

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