Insurance object
buildings and facilities;
equipment, machinery and mechanisms;
internal furnishing and utility lines, fire-fighting, security systems;
furniture, office equipment;
computer networks;
glass parts of building structures, external advertising installations
Insurance risks
  1. fire;
  2. explosion of gas, steam boilers, gas storages, gas pipelines, machines and devices;
  3. natural disasters (earthquake, storm and hurricane, landslide, mudflow, soil subsidence, flooding, hailstorm, downpour etc.);
  4. water damage from plumbing, sewerage, heating and fire-fighting systems;
  5. wrongful acts of third parties, including the theft with trespassing and robbery;
  6. break of glass, mirrors and display windows;
  7. breakdown of warehousing equipment (including the operating costs), cranes, racks, lifts, stackers, refrigerating equipment etc.;
  8. falling of pilot-controlled flying objects and their wreckage;
  9. «all risks» – from any unexpected occurrence, which is not included in the insurance contract.
  • The basis for determining the sum insured may be the actual or replacement value of insured property. If the parties so agree, other basis may be provided for determining the sum insured, for example, the book value or contract value etc.