Insurance of agricultural machinery

We provide comprehensive insurance protection for your agricultural machinery: we indemnify for losses due to the damage or loss as for property along with hull insurance risks. Thus, INGO’s insurance solutions provide the widest possible and most reliable insurance coverage at an affordable cost
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Insurance of agricultural machinery

Protection against risks

Fire risks
Fire, arson, smoke or soot damage, if the direct cause of their occurrence was a fire
Natural disasters
Earthquake, volcanic eruption, underground fire, tsunami, storm and hurricane, landslide, mudflow, subsidence, rockfall, avalanche, flood and deluge, hail, rainfall and snowfall, etc.
Crash of manned flying objects
As well as their fragments or cargo or baggage thrown off the board
Unlawful acts of third parties
Acts of third parties aimed at intentional destruction or damage to property, including theft, robbery, or attempts to commit such acts
Water damage
From water supply, sewerage, heating, fire extinguishing systems, pipelines, tanks, damage due to water penetration from neighboring premises
Collision with vehicles, structures, animals, etc. Falling, overturning of the insured agricultural machinery, falling of any object on it or hitting it with any object

What can be insured

You can insure almost any agricultural machinery, from self-propelled combines to mounted/trailed seeders.

Additional information

  • Agricultural machinery is operated for its intended purpose only during part of the year, so the cost of insurance is lower than that of a regular CASCO. At the same time, during the period of conservation, the equipment is insured and remains under insurance protection against the risks of fire, natural disaster, robbery, illegal actions of third parties, etc
  • Additionally (within the amounts and limits stipulated by the contract), indemnity for the transportation and temporary storage of the insured agricultural machinery may be provided
  • The basis for calculating the sum insured is the actual value of the insured agricultural machinery
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Benefits of insurance in INGO

Experience and broad capabilities
Almost 30 years of activity in the insurance market allow us to create the most effective insurance solutions at the best price, using our own expertise and international experience
Reliable insurance coverage
Automatic reinsurance protection from leading international reinsurers with a reliability rating of at least A- (A.M.Best) / A+ (S&P)
Control of risk management
Reducing the likelihood of losses due to preliminary examination and providing recommendations to reduce the degree of risk
INGO’s level of financial stability
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Frequently asked questions
In this section, we have collected the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you do not find the information you are interested in, please use the feedback form.
Frequently asked questions

What will be the insurance indemnity in case of complete destruction of agricultural machinery?

Insurance indemnity in case of total loss or destruction of the insured agricultural machinery is paid in the amount of its actual value, less the value of the residues and within the sum insured.

What will be the insurance indemnity in case of partial damage to agricultural machinery?

In case of partial damage to the insured agricultural machinery, insurance indemnity is paid in the amount of the costs of its restoration.

Is it possible to calculate the sum insured based on the book value or collateral value of agricultural machinery?

The use of other bases, such as book value or current collateral, will in most cases lead to underinsurance problems.

How much does agricultural machinery insurance cost?

The cost depends on its type. For example, for self-propelled equipment, 0.7%-0.9% of its cost, for trailed equipment - 0.4%-0.6%

Is it possible to insure agricultural machinery during transportation on a trawl?

Yes - there is an additional extension of insurance coverage in case of damage to agricultural machinery during transportation, loading or unloading.

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