Motor Insurance

Insured case. What to do ?
Upon occurrence of the accident resembling an insured accident, it is required to:
  1. Immediately notify the contact center of JSIC “INGO Ukraine” about the traffic accident by one of the phone numbers:
    + 38 044 490 27 47
    + 38 050 119 01 47
    + 38 067 246 80 07
  2. Act in accordance with the instructions received from the operator.
  3. Call the National Police of Ukraine (NPU), except for the cases when subject to terms of the insurance contract, calling NPU is not obligatory.

    At the traffic accident site, you:

    • notice of occurrence.
    • make a photo of all the damages of the vehicles participating in the accident 

    The adjuster draws up:

    • traffic accident inspection report;
    • inspection report indicating the damages of insured motor vehicle;
    • traffic accident diagram;
    • set of photos from the traffic accident site;
    • set of photos of the vehicles involved in traffic accident;
    • set of documents from the vehicles involved in traffic accident.


The adjuster is your assistant. He will help you to correctly execute documents, monitor the process of traffic accident registration and provide consultation regarding your further actions.

In case of impossibility to draw up a notice of occurrence at the accident site, within 3 working days you should notify in writing of it to JSIC “INGO Ukraine”:

Kyiv, 33 Bulvarno-Kudriavskaya Str.,
+38 044 490 27 47
+38 050 119 01 47
+38 067 246 80 07
Please check the list of documents*, which should be provided to the Insurer for obtaining indemnity:
  • vehicle registration certificate;
  • policy (insurance contract);
  • driving license;
  • Insured’s passport;
  • Insured’s TIN number;

For clients insured by CASCO,and by CTPCI in Kiev, after registering in the Contact Center of ASC "INGO Ukraine", it is possible to submit a written notice and a package of documents to partner service stations on the remote settlement of damages. Necessary information can be found in the contact center 044-490-27-47.

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