Voluntary Motor Third-Party Liability (VMTPL) Insurance “Motor Third-Party Liability +”

Insurance for Responsible Drivers

What are the advantages of “Motor Third-Party Liability +” insurance?
  1. INGO is one of the insurance companies operating in the direct settlement system; you have bought our policy and became the aggrieved party in the traffic accident – file a claim for indemnification directly to us, but not the insurance company of the guilty party
  2. notify about the traffic accident by calling to our call-center, we will take care of all the rest
  3. we organize the service for the aggrieved party – the independent appraisal is free of charge (saving up to UAH 1,500)
Which risks does the insurance cover?
  1. The VMTPL insurance is the extension of limits of VMTPL policy and covers the expenses incurred to pay for the car repair of the aggrieved party in traffic accident and / or recovery of the injured.

VMTPL from INGO – Extension for a Million

Why do I need VMTPL from INGO?

Just imagine how driving from the parking lot of the shopping mall, you hit the parked Porsche Panamera. The situation is unpleasant. It gets worse only when you find out that the compulsory third-party liability car insurance covers the damages amounting only up to UAH 160,000. And the minimum price of Panamera headlight is from UAH 20,000, front bumper – from UAH 50,000, and front quarter – from UAH 95,000, and this is only the cost of spare parts, not including the works.

To protect yourself from such case , ou need a VMTPL policy, buying which you increase your additional coverage for the damages amounting to UAH 100,000 – UAH 1,000,000.

This card holders receive a collection of useful options, significantly saving money:

free evacuation of the car from the place of breakdown (limit – UAH 500)

free evacuation of the car from the accident site (limit – UAH 500)

free wheel change for a spare one (limit – UAH 500)

free taxi in case of the car evacuation (1 time)

free fuel delivery (1 time)

free engine start (limit — UAH 500)

Policy period 1 year.

Territorial policy coverage territory of Ukraine

The policy "Atotsivilka" + will allow you to reimburse the franchise under the policy of OCSPV, if the amount of damage caused exceeds the limit of liability under the policy of OCSPV

The cost of the policy "Atotsivilka" + depends on the type of vehicle (passenger, van, etc.). and the selected insurance amount from UAH 100,000 to UAH 1,000,000

What documents do I need for taking out a policy?

  • vehicle registration certificate
  • valid inspection sticker and certificate of periodic technical inspection
  • passport and driving license of the Insured
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