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Story about «Nobody’s Insured»

It turns out that when planning a trip, many tourists never think about the importance of insurance. They bring it to mind when the insured accident occurs. And at that time, all the importance is realized.

If you do not have any insurance cover, you should understand that all medical costs are to be incurred at your own cost. And abroad, the cost of medical services may exceed ten times the Ukrainian one.

Just a few common situations:

Staying in touch via messengers

How much does the travel insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance depends on several personal factors of each Insured.

  • Tourist’s age
  • Number of days of stay abroad
  • Country (countries)
  • Type of leisure (we insure even extreme tours)
  • Amount of covered medical services and other expenses

The individual and additional options you will want to use also influence the total value of insurance cover.

Meanwhile, you should understand that the price of travel insurance is always lower than the cost of treatment abroad. Here are some examples for understanding the situation: 1 month of inpatient treatment in Bulgaria after traffic accident – 17,000 €, the appendectomy (USA — $15,000, Germany — 4,700 €, Greece — 2,500 €).

Calculate Travel Insurance Cost by Yourself

Buy the travel insurance from “INGO”

1 040

indemnities paid on occurrences

from 2020 to 2021, average indemnity period – within 13 calendar days.

UAH 5,7 mln

we paid indemnities totaling in 2020-2021

x 140
It is about
140 trips to Dubai

Buy the travel insurance from INGO!

СThe insurance service is assessed in detail.

JSIC «INGO» pays a lot of attention to details that will make your trip more comfortable and safe.

And our clients confirmed that many times:

  • We cooperate only with verified medical institutions and doctors.
  • The possibility of concluding a contract based on the number of days of insurance protection during the period of validity.
  • We reimburse the costs of medical evacuation by special transport to the place of permanent residence and medical support.
  • We insure luggage for the entire period of the trip (the option is available when registering with the manager at the office of the insurance company).
  • We reimburse expenses for a visit to a close relative if our client is in a hospital (the option is available in the Elite package or from the manager at the office of the insurance company).
  • We reimburse the costs of hotel accommodation if the departure did not take place on time due to a stay in the hospital (the option is available in the Elite package or from the manager at the office of the insurance company).

In terms of the travel insurance, we cooperate with reliable global provider: Ensuria Assistance

The technical support is always on the phone in Ukrainian, English, Georgian, French, Spanish, Polish and German languages

Select a travel insurance program:

Emergency medical care Yes Yes Yes
Emergency inpatient treatment Yes Yes Yes
Emergency outpatient care Yes Yes Yes
Medical support Yes Yes Yes
Emergency obstetric and gynecological care Yes Yes Yes
Medical transport Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Dental Care limit 150 EUR limit 150 EUR 1% of the sum insured
Telemedicine Yes Yes Yes
Repatriation to the place of residence Yes Yes Yes
Return home of minor children of the Insured No No Yes
Visit of a third person (relative) to the patient No No Yes
Telecommunication costs No No 100,00 EUR
Covers Covid-19 limit 3000 EUR limit 3000 EUR limit 5000 EUR
Accident No No 3000 UAH
Franchise limit 50 EUR No No

Just a few stages:

Fill out an application
Discuss with the manager and pay
Get your cover at your email

Calculate the cost of travel insurance and submit an application online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, the Border Service will check the presence of such insurance when you will enter other country’s territory.
You can buy the insurance policy abroad.
After inception, you can extend the term of the contract.
There are several options depending on the situation:

1.The policy contains phone numbers of the assistance company in the country of your stay. And then you follow further recommendations (you will obtain the phone number and address of the clinic where you can see a doctor).

2.Call the local ambulance and bring your policy to the hospital. For 1 hour, you notify the insurance company of the occurrence.

Upon occurrence, it is required to contact specialists of the service center and follow further recommendations. If you paid for the treatment at your own cost – when you return to Ukraine, you submit an indemnity application to the insurance company (attaching the original bills paid). After that, the insurance company will indemnify for your expenses.

About us:

Over 25 years of experience on the market

28 licenses for different classes of compulsory and voluntary insurance

Represented by 22 affiliates for servicing clients all over Ukraine

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