ASC “INGO Ukraine” announces a competition among agencies specializing in organizing and conducting events. The competition will take place from January 15 to January 31, 2019.

Companies, individual entrepreneurs, who provide services for organizing and holding events, namely, having:

experience in the field of at least 3 years;
experience in organizing and conducting large-scale projects,
 the possibility of developing proposals, taking into account all the features of the technical specifications.
 Date of event: May 16, 17, 23, 24 (options) 2019

Location: Kiev or a hotel complex within 20 km from Kiev.

Event organization services include:

 development and implementation of the concept of the event;
rental locations (500-600 people)
transfer (if necessary)
 Execution of work should include the submission of the final financial report on the event, including copies of supporting documents for the costs incurred.

The winner will be the bidder, whose offer meets the instructions in the tender announcement, technical requirements and is beneficial to the buyer in terms of cost, warranty.

Interested please send your application, containing:

letter of appeal to participate in the tender;
description of experience in conducting events;
company registration documents.
 Send applications for participation in the competition to the e-mail: by January 31, 2019 inclusive. In response, our specialists will provide you with a completed brief.

The deadline for submission of the above documents for participation in the tender in electronic form is January 31, 2019, 18.00 (in the subject line indicate the name of the company and “Tender for organizing events”).

If you have questions, please contact:

Alexander Melnichuk

Head of External Relations

+380 44 490 2746 ext. 1111

+380 68 57 57 583

vul. Boulevard-Kudryavskaya, 33

Kiev, Ukraine