INGO Insurance Company JSC announces an open tender for the production of souvenirs - a branded toy "Symbol of 2022 - Tiger". Quantity - from 2000 pcs.

We invite companies that meet the following requirements to participate in the tender:

  • lLC or individual entrepreneur
  • own portfolio of individually designed and produced souvenirs/gifts;
  • at least 3 years of market presence;
  • willingness to provide at least 2 contact details to receive verbal recommendations from former or current clients;
  • willingness to sign the Agreement, which will contain a clause on acceptance of the circulation with quality control for full compliance with the pilot sample (no replacement of fabrics, accessories, sizes, colors with analogues is allowed).

Applications (with product samples) will be accepted until August 11.

More details on the process and terms of the competition can be found at this link.