JSC IC INGO announces an open tender to select a company for IT infrastructure modernization.

To participate in the tender are invited legal entities that have:

  • necessary resources and licenses for the right to conduct this activity
  • relevant experience in this area

More details on the process and terms of the tender can be found here.

Interested parties are kindly requested to send their bids containing the following documents:

1. Proposal for the supply of equipment, software, warranty and maintenance services, implementation services (Appendix #1)

2. Qualification data of the subject of the tender and the applicant company (Annex No. 2)

3. General information about the company (Appendix #3)

Applications for participation please send by mail or by courier. Postal address: Ukraine, 01054, Kiev, Bulvarno-Kudryavskaya str., 33 JSC "IC INGO", Obruch Y.V., "Tender offer for modernization of the server complex of IC INGO".

Please send a copy of the tender offer in the form of an electronic document (in PDF format) by e-mail: e-tender@ingo.ua with the subject "Tender offer for modernization of the server complex of IC INGO".

The start date for receipt of bids is 28.02.2022, the deadline for submission of documents for participation in the tender is 04.03.2022, 15:00.

In case of any questions please contact:

  • head of DIT Infrastructure Department, Nabok Alexey (all organizational and technical issues), e-mail: anabok@ingo.ua, tel: +38 044 4902746 (ext. 7147)
  • senior specialist of administrative department of IC "INGO", Julia Obruch (for sending final commercial offers), e-mail: yobruch@ingo.ua, +38 044 490 2746, ext. 7147. 7172

We will be grateful for participation of your company in the contest!