Insurance object
The insurance covers the forwarders liability to the forwarder’s customer/ freight owner for improper performance of its obligations according to the forwarding services contract and third-party liability. The freight may be transported within the territory of Ukraine or other states, using motor, railroad, sea and air transport.
Peris insured
  1. loss, destruction, damage, shortage of forwarded freight
  2. late delivery of forwarded freight
  3. fine sanctions stipulated by the forwarding services contract
  4. customer’s claim for indemnification for customs duties, taxes, transport charges
  5. damage caused by the forwarded freight to property, life and health of third parties
  6. costs paid for the salvage of freight, mitigating the loss and determining its amount
  • The insurance contract of JSIC “INGO Ukraine” provides for insurance coverage for not only personal errors and omissions of the forwarder, but also for the actions of its subcontractors involved in transportation. Therefore, this type of insurance allows fully covering the forwarder’s liability undertaken accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Freight Forwarding Activities dated 01.06.2004 and other international conventions.