Motor third party liability (MTPL)

Compulsory motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) provides indemnity for damage caused to the life, health and property of parties aggrieved in road accidents
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Motor third party liability (MTPL)

Protection against risks

Damage to property
Indemnification for the losses to the aggrieved party due to the accident caused by at-fault driver of insured’s company. The statutory limit of liability is UAH 160,000 for each unit of property that has been damaged, but not more than 5 units. In case of damage to more than 5 units of property, the insurance indemnity is reduced in proportion to the number of damaged units.*
Damage to life or health
Damage to life or health Indemnity for damage to life and health of the aggrieved persons due to the accident caused by the at-fault driver of insured's company. The statutory limit of liability for damage caused to health or life is UAH 320,000 for each aggrieved person, without any restrictions on the number of such aggrieved persons.*

Benefits of insurance in INGO

Comprehensive insurance
simultaneously for the entire fleet and an individual approach - optimal insurance conditions for each client company (deductible, taking into account the history of vehicle operation)
fast issuance of electronic policies and settlement of insured events, even for large fleets, thanks to an automated work system
Direct settlement
INGO Insurance Company is a participant of the direct claims settlement system in the field of motor TPL insurance


Insurance Company «INGO» is the most reliable insurer according to the MTIBU assessment system («Green Light») in terms of key indicators:
  • quality of loss settlement
  • level of complaints from aggrieved parties
  • overall assessment of the quality of work

Own round-the-clock contact center: in case of an insured event, to call medical assistance, a loss adjuster and other necessary services to the scene.

Indemnities of up to UAH 80,000 without a police certificate, subject to the Europrotocol.

Zero deductible on MTPL policy.

Additional insurance coverage in the amount of UAH 100,000 to UAH 2,000,000. In the event of a complex accident with several participants, you choose how to distribute the amount of indemnity among several aggrieved persons.

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INGO’s level of financial stability
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Frequently asked questions
In this section, we have collected the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you do not find the information you are interested in, please use the feedback form.
Frequently asked questions

Is it mandatory for legal entities to conclude an MTPL insurance contract?

Thus, an MTPL insurance contract must be concluded in respect of any vehicle that has state registration and moves on public roads, regardless of whether it belongs to an individual or a legal entity.

For how long should I conclude an MTPL insurance contract if the vehicle is due for inspection in six months?

In this case, the insurance contract is concluded for the period until the next technical inspection.

Do insurance terms differ for individuals and legal entities?

For example, individuals - benefit recipients receive an additional discount as defined by the current legislation.

Is it possible to increase the limit of liability under the CMTPL insurance contract by concluding several contracts for the same vehicle?

No, only one MTPL insurance contract can be concluded for one vehicle. If you want to increase the limit of liability within which the insurance company will be liable to the aggrieved persons, you can conclude a voluntary motor third party liability insurance contract.

Is the damage, caused to my car by the accident due to my fault, covered by compulsory insurance?

No, the CMTPL insurance contract covers only damage caused by the driver of secured vehicle to other parties involved in the road accident or road infrastructure. The damage caused to your car is covered by CASCO insurance contract.

How do I conclude MTPL insurance contract for vehicles, for which tariff categories are not defined, for example, agricultural machinery, forklift trucks?

It is impossible to conclude MTPL insurance contract for these vehicles. Use the service of voluntary motor third party liability insurance.

Does the cost of MTPL insurance depend on the number of drivers authorized to drive?

No. Any person who has the right to drive a car in accordance with the law may do so. The number of persons authorized to drive does not affect the cost of insurance.

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