Green Сard Liability Insurance

International insurance coverage in case of motor third party liability and indemnification for the damage caused to life, health and property of aggrieved parties in the accident that occurred abroad
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Green Сard Liability Insurance

Protection against risks

Third Party liability resulting from an accident and damage due to the driver's fault:

We will indemnify third parties for losses resulting from an accident that occurred abroad due to the driver's fault. The indemnity limit depends on the country where the accident occurred
Life and health
We indemnify for the costs of restoring the health of persons aggrieved in the accident that occurred abroad due to the driver’s fault
Non-pecuniary damage
If the accident caused non-pecuniary damage, the insurance company will also indemnify for this (if it is provided for by the legislation of country where the accident occurred)
What is a Green Card?

What is a Green Card?

Green Card is an international driver’s third-party liability insurance policy.

The Green Card policy has a unified form and is valid in more than 40 countries that are members of the international motor insurance system.

Green Card is mandatory for travelling abroad by car.

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The help we provide
The help we provide
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«Green card» from INGO includes an additional concierge service - free 24/7 support for drivers abroad.

By simply calling the hotline, your drivers will always receive

  • advice on the necessary actions in case of an accident
  • assistance with calling emergency services
  • step-by-step advice on what to do in case of a technical breakdown or car malfunction
  • help with finding gas stations, hotels, service stations nearby
  • support with the transfer of urgent information to the insurer


All expenses (car repair, evacuation, hotel accommodation, etc.) are paid by the insured personally. The service is of an informational and organizational nature.

Benefits of insurance in INGO

Experience, reliability and accessibility
30 years in the insurance market of Ukraine. INGO is a reliable insurer according to the MTIBU. More than 50 service branches throughout Ukraine.
Speed and convenience
INGO's automated work system allows you to quickly issue electronic policies even for large fleets. You just need to print the policy to take it with you when traveling abroad. The document does not need to be reissued in case of loss. It is enough to open the saved file and print the document again
Guaranteed indemnity payment
The National Motor Vehicle Bureau of the country, in which the accident occurred, settles insured events and indemnifies aggrieved persons
Documents required to have the contract issued
Documents required to have the contract issued
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The basic list of documents*
• Certificate of registration of a legal entity
• Copy of the extract from the Unified State Register
• Vehicle registration certificate
• Power of attorney for the signatories to the contract (if CEO is not a signatory)
• Company’s bank and postal details 
• Questionnaire of the legal entity

*May vary depending on the type of legal entity

INGO’s level of financial stability
outlook - «Evolving»
Frequently asked questions
In this section, we have collected the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you do not find the information you are interested in, please use the feedback form.
Frequently asked questions

What determines the cost of the Green Card policy?

The cost of a Green Card policy depends on several factors: the type of car you drive abroad, the duration of your stay abroad, and the route of your trip. So the longer your car stays abroad, the more expensive your policy will be. The cost of the Green Card policy is the same in all insurance companies, because the price is clearly set and regulated by the Motor Transport Bureau. Therefore, you should choose an insurance company with which you have experience of cooperation and which you fully trust. Please note that the policy is valid abroad in more than 40 countries participating in the Green Card system, so you can move freely between countries without the need to take out additional Green Card policies for your car.

What does the Green Card policy give me in case of an accident?

With the Green Card policy from INGO you will receive:

Indemnity for damaged property of third parties

We indemnify for damaged property to third parties as a result of accident that occurred abroad due to the driver’s fault. The indemnity limit depends on the country where the accident occurred.

Expenses related to the life/health of aggrieved persons

We indemnify for the costs of restoring the health of persons aggrieved in the accident that occurred abroad due to the driver’s fault.

Is it possible to get a Green Card policy for a car with foreign registration in Ukraine?

No. The Green Card policy is issued in the country where the car is registered.

Is it possible to take out a Green Card policy if the car is already abroad?

The policy must be purchased before you cross the border by car. Therefore, while staying on the territory of Ukraine, you need to take care of the Green Card insurance policy. It is convenient and fast to buy an electronic policy online on the INGO website or in the client's personal account on the INGO website, because then you are not limited by the location and working hours of the insurance company's offices and managers.

Important! If the policy expires while the car is abroad, it is necessary to buy an additional policy for the period of further stay of the car abroad.

How can I specify several drivers in the Green Card policy who plan to drive a car while traveling abroad?

There is no need for this. The Green Card policy is issued for a car and is valid provided that the driver - any person - is driving the specified car on a legal basis.

Is one Green Card policy suitable for crossing the borders of several countries?

Thus, the Green Card policy is suitable for crossing the border of any of the more than 40 countries participating in the system. The policy has a single approved form with key sections translated into English. Due to the universalization of the document, it is understandable for representatives of the competent authorities of any country.

How to check the validity of the policy?

You can check the validity and effectiveness of the Green Card insurance policy, as well as the correctness of the information about the car and the client in the Green Card insurance policy, on the MTIBU website at By entering the car or policy number, you will be able to see the information entered: the policy validity period, current policy status, information about the car, and the insurance company in which the policy is issued.

Does the Green Card policy cover the evacuation of a faulty or damaged car?

The client pays for minor repairs of the car at the accident site, its evacuation and the organization of technical assistance from the assisting company on his own.

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