INGO Insurance Company launches a new insurance product - container insurance.

Under this contract, a container can be insured against damage or complete physical loss due to external accidental unfavorable events.

According to the maritime research consulting company Drewry, recent maritime accidents have caused record losses of containers. For example, over the past two years - more than 5,000. This is three times more than the annual losses in 2008-2019.

"We offer protection against the most common risks: fire, washout at sea, damage in the port during loading and unloading operations or as a result of an accident during transportation by land. Containers can also be protected against specific risks. For example, only from fire. However, we still recommend choosing all-risk coverage, as it is broader and more comprehensive," says Anna Machynska, senior specialist of the underwriting department at INGO.

At the same time, Ukraine, which is an active participant in global trade, is seeing an increase in its container fleet. Accordingly, the risks of their loss during operation are also increasing. Given the significant cost of containers and the possible concentration of their number on a ship, their owners and operators need better financial protection in case of unforeseen situations.

INGO's specialists have developed a special insurance product that compensates for financial losses from damage or total loss of containers. This insurance policy helps the freight forwarder or container owner to avoid sudden additional expenses or significant financial losses from the loss of containers. Insurance will help owners, logistics operators and other container lessees minimize their financial risks and prevent unexpected losses.

The cost of the policy is influenced by the type and value of containers, their number, and the geography of transportation. Containers can be insured both for the time of a single transportation and for a certain period.

INGO Insurance Company has been operating in the insurance market since 1994. It holds 29 licenses for various types of compulsory and voluntary insurance and provides insurance services to corporate and retail clients. The company is one of the largest insurance organizations in Ukraine in terms of premiums, own assets and insurance claims.