INGO Insurance Company has launched a new insurance product that allows protecting cars older than 8 years against war risks.

Usually, it is possible to take out CASCO insurance policy covering war risks for a new car without any problems. But what should car owners whose cars have already been in service do?

Especially for cars aged 8 years and older, INGO has created the AutoSAVE program - CASCO insurance against war risks, which, unfortunately, are very relevant for Ukrainian car owners.

You can insure your car in regions where there are no active hostilities. The insurance covers such risks as: falling missiles, drones, air defense systems, shock (sound) waves, fire caused by military operations, collision with military equipment. Additionally, the costs of documents confirming the fact of insured event and the amount of damage are indemnified.

Requirements for the insured and the car:

  • Passenger car from 8 years old
  • Driving license of category "B"
  • Up to 9 seats, including the driver
  • Technically sound
  • Registered in Ukraine

The sum insured ranges from UAH 20,000 to UAH 150,000.

Annual insurance premium: from UAH 3,100 to UAH 7,500.

You can take out a policy directly on the company's website. There is no need to inspect the car. The policy starts no earlier than the third day from the date of signing. That is, if an event occurs within two calendar days from the date of signing the policy, no indemnity is paid. The exception is the extension of the policy for the next year, in which case there is no deferral. The deductible under the contract (the amount not indemnified by the insurer) is UAH 1,000.

AutoSAVE CASCO insurance
Take out CASCO against war risk insurance policy for cars older than 8 years
Apply online

The territory of car insurance is Ukraine, except for: Autonomous Republic of Crimea; Dnipropetrovsk region; Donetsk region; Zaporizhzhia region; Luhansk region; Mykolaiv region; Sumy region; Kharkiv region; Kherson region; Chernihiv region/Koryukivka district; Chernihiv region/Novgorod-Siverskyi district; Chernihiv region / Chernihiv district except for Chernihiv city, territory of ports and ferry crossings.

To learn more about the terms and conditions and to take out an insurance policy, please follow the link

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