against war risks

Available online war risk insurance for cars aged 8 years and older
CASCO AutoSAVE <br/>against war risks

The policy protects against war risks

Fall of missiles, drones, air defense systems
As well as their fragments and other objects - as a result of hostilities
Shock waves
Destructive effect of shock (sound) waves on cars
Damage to the car by fire or heat from a fire caused by military operations
Collision or collision
Insured vehicle with military equipment

The benefits of INGO for you

Online insurance
Insurance without inspection of the car and assessment of its value
We insure older cars
Insurance is available for car owners aged 8 years and older
Reimbursement of additional expenses
We reimburse the costs of obtaining documents on the occurrence of an insured event
Please note!
Please note!
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5 points worth reading:
  1. The insurance period is 12 months.
  2. Sum insured: from UAH 20,000 to UAH 150,000.
    Premium: from UAH 3,100 to UAH 7,500 per year.
    Deductible: UAH 1,000.
  3. Mandatory car requirements:
    - A passenger car with a service life of eight years or more;
    - Passenger capacity - up to 9 people including the driver;
    - Total weight - up to 3500 kg;
    - Not a subject of pledge, not used for special purposes and for commercial purposes (taxi, driving lessons, etc.).
  4. The policy starts no earlier than the third calendar day from the date of conclusion. That is, no insurance indemnity is paid for events that occurred during the first two calendar days of the policy.
    The exception is the extension of the policy for the next year.
  5. The territory of validity is the territory of Ukraine.

Exclusions: Autonomous Republic of Crimea; Dnipropetrovska oblast; Donetsk oblast; Zaporizka oblast; Luhanska oblast; Mykolaivska oblast; Sumska oblast; Kharkivska oblast; Khersonska oblast; Chernihivska oblast/Koryukivskyi rayon; Chernihivska oblast/Novgorod-Siverskyi rayon; Chernihivska oblast/Chernihivskyi rayon except for Chernihiv city. The territory of ports and ferry crossings.

Do you have a newer car?

Do you have a newer car?

Take out CASCO AutoSAVE PRO against war risks for your car:
  • Up to 11 years old inclusive
  • Up to UAH 6 million in value
  • Technically sound
  • Registered in Ukraine
  • Sum insured from UAH 3 million

Learn more about AutoSAVE PRO hull insurance by following the link

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How to take out a policy?
Apply for a policy online right from your smartphone
How to take out a policy?
Select the amount of insurance
And provide the necessary details about you and the car
Apply online
Read the main terms and conditions
And pay the insurance premium directly on the website
Get a policy and be calm
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Frequently asked questions
Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about AutoSAVE motor hull insurance.
Frequently asked questions

What to do in case of an insured event?

Notify INGO and the police of the insured event. Be sure to keep the damaged car in the condition it was in after the accident. Send to INGO the documents of the relevant competent authorities and services confirming the fact of the insured event. Receive the insurance indemnity within 15 days.

Does the insurance cover repeated occurrences?

The insurance is provided on the terms "On the first insured event". This means that any event that occurs after the first insured event is declared in writing is not recognized as an insured event. After the first declared event recognized as an insured event, the contract shall terminate.

Is depreciation taken into account when paying insurance indemnity?

Payment of insurance indemnity under the Agreement shall be made net of wear and tear on parts and components to be replaced in the course of restoration repair in accordance with the current Methodology for automotive examination and valuation of vehicles.

What documents must be provided in the event of an insured event?

In the event of an accident, be sure to call the police, who will record the damage and open a criminal case under the article on violation of the customs and rules of war. You need to get an extract from the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations (URPI) from the police. This is the main document to prove an insured event with war risks.

Other documents are according to the list:

  • Claim for reimbursement
  • Certificate (policy)
  • Driver's license
  • Certificate of registration of the vehicle (technical passport)
  • Notification of the insured event
  • Passport and TIN of the applicant
  • If the amount of damage exceeds UAH 27 thousand, you need to fill out a questionnaire
  • Documents of the competent authorities on the occurrence of the insured event
  • Certificate of a medical institution on alcohol, drug or toxic intoxication of the Insured / Driver at the time of the insured event - in case of collision with military equipment
  • Inspection report and photographs of the damaged car by the INGO representative
  • Documents confirming the amount of losses and expenses incurred
  • Other documents related to the causes and consequences of the insured event
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