Electronic CTPCI is becoming more profitable than paper-based insurance. Victims of road accidents will be able to receive larger amounts of compensation than before. A new special discount for electric car insurance is available. Read about this and other changes in CMTPL insurance.

on September 21, 2019, an order of the National Financial Services Commission comes into force, according to which insurance coverage under MTPL policies will increase by 30%. Thus, insurance companies will be able to pay more to victims than before. Previously, the law set the maximum payout for a damaged car at UAH 100 thousand, but now the amount has increased to UAH 130 thousand. The new limit of liability for damage caused to the life and health of victims will be a maximum of UAH 260 thousand.

The innovations also affected the cost of insurance, namely a number of coefficients that determine the price. Drivers of electric vehicles can now receive a 10% discount. But owners of cars with foreign registration will have to pay several times more for insurance. Now, for euro cars, it is allowed to apply any coefficient in the range of 5-10, and not 4, as before. For its clients, INGO Ukraine will use the lowest one.

The principle of determining the territorial coefficient has also been transformed. Now, instead of the place of registration of the vehicle, the place of residence or registration of the car owner will be taken into account when insuring.

Electronic CTPCI is becoming more profitable than paper-based insurance. In some insurance companies, electronic policies may become cheaper, because now they are allowed to use a coefficient in the range of 0.9-1.0 for an electronic CTP insurance contract when forming the cost. JSIC "INGO Ukraine" will include a maximum discount of 10% for its clients due to savings on paper forms.

Thus, Ukraine continues to move towards increasing insurance coverage in line with European standards. However, Directive 2009/103/EC of the European Parliament requires a more significant increase in liability limits under insurance contracts. In many European countries, the price of motor third party liability insurance is based on the potential costs of compensation for damage to life and health of victims rather than on the cost of restoring property, which is why payments under such policies are significantly higher than payments for hardware. For example, in the case of damage to life and health, the insurance payout can reach EUR 1 million per victim.

Sum insured



for damage to life and health

uAH 200,000

260 000 UAH

for damage to property

100,000 UAH for damage to property

130,000 UAH.