INGO Insurance Company has made a number of changes to its travel insurance programs that allow Ukrainians abroad to receive timely and high-quality medical care.

"After the forced evacuation of a large number of people abroad, medical expenses insurance has become even more important," says Olga Ivantsova, head of the retail sales center, "So the company decided to make this type of insurance more affordable.

First of all, it is about restoring the service component. After the NBU's moratorium on foreign currency payments is lifted, assistance companies can again organize services for insured persons, and insurance companies can pay for medical services directly. As before, the self-payment system can be used in cases where the organization and payment for medical services is impossible for any reason.

Other important changes include the abolition of a mandatory clause in insurance contracts that allowed policies to be issued only before crossing the Ukrainian border. Now, a policy can be purchased electronically, even if a person has been abroad for a long time. The policy purchased in this way comes into force 2 days after the conclusion of the insurance contract.

"Thanks to this decision, the company has the opportunity not only to continue continuous insurance abroad, but also to issue policies to those who are insured for the first time," says Olga Ivantsova.

According to INGO experts, another important decision of the company was to reduce the cost of travel policies by 20% for European countries and mass tourism. Instead, aggressor countries such as the Russian Federation and Belarus were excluded from the insurance coverage.

For reference:
INGO Insurance Company has over 25 years of experience in the market. Since 2017, the company's main shareholder has been the Ukrainian business group DCH of Aleksandr Yaroslavsky. The company is one of the largest insurance organizations in Ukraine in terms of premiums, own assets and insurance claims. It holds 29 licenses for various types of compulsory and voluntary insurance, and provides insurance services to corporate and retail clients. "INGO is a full member of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU), a member of the American Chamber of Commerce (ACC), the European Business Association (EBA), the National Association of Insurers of Ukraine (NASU) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). 15.on 11.2021, the rating agency IBI-Rating affirmed the long-term credit rating of INGO Insurance Company on the national rating scale at uaAA, with an "evolving" outlook.