25 march 2019
2 min.

The introduction of martial law will not affect the work of the insurance company INGO Ukraine - Chairman of the Board Igor Gordienko

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The imposition of martial law will not affect the work of the INGO Ukraine insurance company and will not lead to changes in the policy of accepting insurance and settling insurance claims in martial law regions.

    “INGO Ukraine” will continue to operate exclusively in the legal framework of Ukrainian legislation, ”said Igor Gordienko, Chairman of the Board of INGO Ukraine Insurance Company. - "The company will fulfill obligations to its customers in accordance with the terms of insurance contracts."

    Taking into account international practice, insurance contracts exclude any losses resulting directly or indirectly from military risks (including the imposition of martial law). Events without signs of military risks are treated in accordance with the terms of the existing insurance contracts.

    Now the company does not plan any changes in its activities and sees no grounds for imposing additional restrictions on insurance contracts in regions of martial law.


    For reference:

    Joint-stock insurance company "INGO Ukraine" has more than 20 years of experience in the market. Included in the group of the largest insurance organizations of Ukraine in terms of premiums, the value of its own assets and the amounts of insurance claims. 28 licenses for various types of compulsory and voluntary insurance, provides insurance services to corporate and retail customers. The INGO team is more than 700 employees in 25 branches and other companies of the Group. On 13.06.2018, the IBI-Rating rating agency confirmed the long-term credit rating of Private Joint-Stock Insurance Company INGO Ukraine PJSC according to the National rating scale at uaАА, the outlook is stable. Since 2017, JSC INGO Ukraine is a member of the DCH group of companies.