The MTIBU's anniversary is a holiday not only for its employees. This is a significant event for the entire insurance market, the significance of which is difficult to overestimate. During this time, the association of several individuals and single insurance companies has grown into a large professional association and has gained recognition not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. Back in 1994, the MTIBU was the first attempt by the Ukrainian insurance market to integrate into the global community. It was thanks to the establishment of this organization that Ukraine joined the international Green Card system and was able to develop its own insurance system. And most importantly, MTIBU has established itself among millions of car owners, as it has been a guarantor of social protection for Ukrainians since its inception.

Being the first is never easy. Building something that did not exist before is a challenge. However, someone always has to take responsibility and overcome this challenge. The very fact of MTIBU's existence is the merit of many people and companies. Among them are Ivan Humynskyi, Volodymyr Shevchenko (Skyd Insurance Company), Stepan Grusha (Oranta Insurance Company), Tetiana Ushnevych, Yuriy Lakhno (Garant-Auto Insurance Company), Ihor Havrylenko, Mykola Lutak, Ihor Hordienko (INGO Ukraine, which at that time was called Ostra-Kyiv), Volodymyr Romanyshyn and others.

Over the years, MTIBU has united our market and laid the foundation for its development. The Bureau has always been a place where interests and contradictions meet, but there is always a compromise that is necessary to move forward. Today, MTIBU continues to push the market, raising the bar higher and higher.

Once again, we congratulate all of us on this milestone and believe that our common cause will continue to develop, providing people with reliable insurance protection.