The Personal Insurance Sales Division of INGO Insurance Company informed that. Approximately 1,100 appeals are observed in "INGO" every day. In July, the company organized and paid for more than 13,200 medical services for the insured in the amount of UAH 17.8 million.

"The clients, who suspended their health insurance in March-April, are gradually renewing their contracts", Deputy CEO Serhiy Maistrenko noted. - "Together with an increase in the activity of existing clients, this leads to a general increase in the level of use of medical services".

Most of them are the medical consultations (38%) and medicines (30%). They also quite often applied for dental services (11%) and for obtaining instrumental diagnostics (13%). The rest - therapeutic massage, medical examination, vitaminization, ophthalmology, pregnancy management, day hospital and hospitalization.

Also, during July, over 1 million hryvnias were paid to the persons aggrieved as a result of accidents.