INGO Insurance Company, despite the coronavirus epidemic and quarantine restrictions, continues to help with the treatment of critical diseases such as oncology, certain cardiovascular diseases and complex neurosurgical operations.

From the beginning of 2020 to September this year, 70 trips abroad were organized for treatment in international medical centers. The amount of payments for treatment under the World Medicine program exceeded UAH 19.5 million.

"Due to the epidemic, we had to adjust the process of preparing the patient for departure, but the coronavirus did not affect the treatment under this program. We had to prepare additional documents confirming that a person was going for treatment. This allowed Ukrainian citizens to cross the border under strict quarantine restrictions," said Maryna Zvarych, Head of Personal Insurance at INGO.

According to her, most often the treatment of critical illnesses of the insured is carried out in Israel and Spain, but the geography of assistance under this program is not limited to these countries. In most cases, people seek help in treating cancer.

The World Medicine insurance program allows you to treat critical illnesses abroad. It provides coronary artery bypass grafting, heart valve replacement, cancer treatment and complex neurosurgical operations worth up to EUR 1 million.