In April 2022, INGO insurance company provided more than 6,000 medical services to insured persons under voluntary health insurance policies. This is almost 6 times more than in March and the growth trend continues. In April 2022, the company paid almost UAH 18 million to reimburse for medical services and drugs of insured persons.

"This means that our clients and partners are trying to return to normal life", said Deputy CEO Serhii Maistrenko. - “More and more medical institutions are resuming their work in the usual format, and the insured persons are applying for standard medical services. During April, the number of appeals increased on average from 400 to over 500 per day. That is why INGO has extended the working hours of the contact center for another hour”, Serhii Maistrenko clarified.

Most often, people sought medical advice - 2,240 times. Over 2,000 times INGO paid for the purchase of medicines. The instrumental diagnostics and dental care were organized more than 650 times. Among others - therapeutic massage, vitaminization, ophthalmology, prenatal care, day hospital and hospitalization.