This was noted by the Personal Insurance Sales Division of the "INGO" company, which specializes in insurance of legal entities. According to Head of the Division Maryna Zvarych, the voluntary health insurance should become an even more effective tool for the employer to financially support its employees. After all, in the conditions of constant growth in the cost of medicines, the advantages of the insurance policy are obvious.

The expert noted that during 2022 and at the beginning of 2023, a rather high dynamics of price growth is observed. Starting from March 2022, the prices for medicinal products changed monthly. The main growth occurred during the first month of the full-scale invasion by 24% and during the next 2 months by another 9%. Thus, at the end of spring, the price increase amounted to 36%.

«However, «INGO» did not change the cost of insurance, - Maryna Zvarych noted - «The company continued to provide customers with insurance offers at loyal prices until the end of 2022, taking on the costs associated with the increase in the price of medicines.»
Maryna Zvarych
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