25 march 2019
2 min.

CTP insurance policy from INGO Ukraine can now be issued and purchased through the VIBER messenger of the first Ukrainian international bank

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JSC INGO Ukraine together with its partner, the First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB), offers an insurance policy registration service via the Viber messenger. The service is available to all vehicle owners, regardless of which bank they serve.

To start the policy design, you need to go from the FUIB public account in Viber to the dialogues. After that, in the menu of online banking FUIB in Viber go to the section "Services" / "Avtograzhdanka (OSAGO)".

The process takes about 5 minutes. It is necessary to enter passport data, TIN and information about the vehicle (the name of the settlement or the number of the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in which the car is registered, as well as the engine size). Now through Viber, you can get a “auto-citizen” for a car that is not used as a taxi or preferential categories of the population.

According to Ukrainian law, CTP insurance policy can be issued both in paper and in electronic form. Making insurance in Viber provides both options: when you make a paper policy, you will be delivered it free of charge to the specified address within 3-5 business days. By issuing an electronic policy, you will receive it by e-mail immediately after payment of the insurance premium.

Electronic policy is more convenient, because:

  • after payment of the insurance payment, you will immediately receive it by e-mail
  • no need to adapt to the courier to meet him
  • You do not need to carry an electronic policy with you, so you cannot lose or damage it, and the National Police will be able to verify the validity of the policy online using a tablet

Payment is made online through the PayHub service - a short link comes to Viber, clicking on which you need to enter the card details and pay for the policy.

In order to extend the validity of the insurance contract in time, you can use the service to remind you of the expiration of the term of validity of the CTP insurance policy. All you need is to choose the month of the end of OSAGO. A week before the beginning of the month, Viber will receive a reminder about the expiration of the term of validity of the CTP and a proposal to renew the policy