22 december 2020
2 min.

Insurance services from IC "INGO" are available at the branches of Bank Credit Dnipro

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JSC "BANK CREDIT DNEPR" and INGO Insurance Company have started cooperation on insurance services in the bank's branches.

As part of the project, the bank's customers can quickly apply for the most popular and important insurance products: health insurance - "Crown Protection+", travel insurance or "E-Citizen 3 in 1" (CTP, CTP and "Conscious Protection") in the branches of the financial institution throughout Ukraine. Specialists of JSC "BANK CREDIT DNEPR" have undergone special training and can independently advise on insurance products.

"Such cooperation is the first stage of effective interaction between JSC "BANK CREDIT DNEPR" and INGO Insurance Company as members of the Banking Group "Credit Dnipro"," said Taras Gorkun, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Retail Business and Digital Transformation of JSC "BANK CREDIT DNEPR".

"We are confident that the integration of the financial services of Bank Credit Dnipro and INGO will allow both institutions to make their customer service even better. When a person can receive a whole range of financial services in a "one-stop shop", it has a positive effect on both loyalty and sales," said Viktor Shevchenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of INGO Insurance Company. INGO, in its turn, ensures transparency of pricing and completeness of information on insurance terms and conditions," he said.

Details on insurance products can be found at the bank's branches and by calling the contact center.