INGO Insurance Company has optimized the process of ordering medicines for insured persons, significantly reducing the time of order processing through integration with pharmacy chains. With the help of API services, the company gained access to partner databases, which allows it to have information on current drug balances at all points of the networks and significantly reduces the time for organizing medicines. Now INGO can quickly place orders, conveniently search for drugs and analogs in the outlets of several partners, and the order status can be tracked online.

For the insured persons, this approach means the prompt organization of medicines throughout Ukraine and the ability to search for available balances in several pharmacy chains simultaneously. According to Serhiy Maistrenko, Personal Insurance Director, this approach significantly reduces waiting time for the client and the number of operational errors when placing orders.

"We will continue to work in this direction, which, in our opinion, will significantly improve the quality of service for our customers ," said Mr. Maistrenko.

In addition, in the future the company plans to integrate with the networks of leading laboratories to optimize the process of organizing laboratory tests. INGO Insurance Company continues to improve the quality of its services and develop new opportunities for its customers to ensure fast and high-quality access to medical services.