INGO Insurance Company is ready to include in its insurance programs the coverage of damage caused to the life and health of insured persons as a result of hostilities. This was announced by Deputy CEO Serhii Maistrenko. According to him, the coverage will be included in the main programs of voluntary health insurance and accident insurance in the corporate segment for civilians. Any separate acquisition of such risk is not provided.

"The options, which include the coverage of military risks, are a response to the inquiries of our corporate clients, who are concerned about the health and financial protection of employees during the martial law in the country," said Serhii Maistrenko. "INGO is always trying to meet market expectations and we currently have a vision of how to deal with such risk, despite the high degree of uncertainty."

The insurance conditions and settlement procedures do not differ from the standard ones. In accident insurance programs, the coverage provides for the payment of monetary compensation in the event of death and disability of 1-3 gr., which occurred as a result of hostilities. The sum insured ranges from UAH 50-150 thousand. You can buy coverage for 3 months with the possibility of extension.

Under the voluntary health insurance programs, the medical care will be paid and organized for the aggrieved person. The sum insured depends on the limits (group and individual), the number of insured teams and the content of the main coverage. The duration of coverage extends to the duration of the main contract.