INGO Insurance Company has incorporated its ‘CASCO. Siren All Clear’ program into Object Control app
15 february 2024
2 min.

You Can Now Take Out CASCO Insurance with War Risks Remotely

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INGO Insurance Company has incorporated its ‘CASCO. Siren All Clear’ program into Object Control app, which allows for remote car inspections during the insurance period.

Therefore, CASCO policies covering war risks can now be taken out without a personal visit by the car owner to the insurance company's office. Using the mobile app, the company's specialists take all the necessary multi-angle digital photos of the car with time and space marks and encoded information about the inspector.

In addition to photographic images, Object Control generates all the necessary digital documents, which are signed by both parties using the electronic signature, Diia.Signature, or SMS identifier. Therefore, there is no need to worry about financial monitoring, which requires all participants in a financial transaction to be identified.

«CASCO insurance covering war risks is in great demand today, as it allows car owners to receive indemnity in case of damage to their cars due to enemy shelling and other consequences of military operations. That is why we decided to give people the opportunity to buy these policies online», said Mykola Matyka, INGO's Retail Business Director. «The Object Control system is already integrated into the company's internal information systems. Thus, the data of insured cars is available for all our structural units, including security, underwriting, claims, etc.», he said.
Mykola Matyka, INGO's Retail Business Director

As a reminder, INGO has created a number of products for insurance of apartments, houses, cars, life and health, which include coverage of war risks. The programs have a flexible combination of insurance coverage and prices. Apartments and houses can be insured online quickly and without having to inspect the insurance objects themselves.

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