Dear customers

we would like to inform you that the level of epidemic danger in Ukraine is rapidly deteriorating. According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the number of new cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19 has increased 4 times over the past 4 days (from 5,072 per day (17.01.2022) to 20,156 per day (20.01.2022).

As a result, medical facilities are already overloaded. Therefore, we need much more time to organize medical care.

This increases the workload in the company's contact center, because the task of the coordinating doctors is not only to accept applications from insured persons, but also to organize medical care. Most of their work is to organize a doctor's consultation in accordance with the insured person's symptoms and provide medicines for treatment. At the same time, the specialists take into account a number of additional factors, such as the region where the assistance is organized, availability of the necessary specialists in clinics, medicines in pharmacies, the class of the clinic and its compliance with the insurance program, the workload of the medical institution and a particular doctor.

Nevertheless, INGO continues to operate and fulfill its obligations in full. We ask you to understand the current problem and, if possible, postpone scheduled visits to the doctor. Get vaccinated today and protect your life from the risks of hospitalization, severe COVID-19 or death. Continue to follow these simple rules:

- keep physical distance
- avoid crowds
- wear a mask
- wash your hands
- cover yourself with the bend of your elbow when coughing or sneezing
- ventilate the room

Each of these measures is important for preventing COVID-19 infection.

Thank you for your understanding.