From now on, medical air evacuations by helicopters and airplanes are available for INGO insured persons throughout Ukraine, even from remote and hard-to-reach areas.

This became possible thanks to an agreement between INGO's partner assisting company Savitar Group and the Special Aviation Detachment of the Civil Protection Rescue Service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. Negotiations have been ongoing since 2019, and the expansion of the Ukrainian rescue fleet has made this cooperation possible.

Previously, aircraft from abroad were used for air evacuation of insured persons, which required much more time and special conditions for landing, as small aircraft were used. Now, thanks to the cooperation between Savitar Group and the State Emergency Service, medical evacuation has become more efficient and affordable.

To evacuate insured persons, the SES special unit uses more than 10 different aircraft: An-26, An-30, An-32P, Mi-8MT, BC 117 C-2, ES225LP, and Eurocopters. Some of these aircraft can land almost anywhere, which undoubtedly makes evacuation possible from any, even hard-to-reach, part of the country.

The aircraft are equipped with special medical equipment that meets the requirements for ambulances. This allows for the prompt transportation of patients with problems of any complexity to specialized medical facilities in the fastest possible way.

Another INGO partner, the Universum Medical Clinic, has conducted special trainings for its medical staff and is now ready to be involved in air evacuation 24/7. The aircraft are able to prepare for takeoff within 3 hours of receiving a call.

The option of air evacuation in Ukraine can be used primarily by people who go on vacation to a ski resort in Ukraine and are insured under the program "Active Winter. Ukraine". In addition, emergency medical care can be provided by air in special circumstances for clients insured under other insurance programs.