Winner of the joint action NESCAFÉ and INGO Ukraine Life "10 000 UAH for 10 years"

25.03.2019 1 минута

The results of the joint action of NESCAFÉ and the insurance company INGO Ukraine Life were summed up.
The winner was Maria Grigorievna from Ivano-Frankivsk. July 6, 2018 she signed
life insurance contract, through which you will receive 10 000 UAH. for 10 years.
The total amount of the prize fund will exceed UAH 1 million 200 thousand. thanks to investment income
which will be credited over the years.


That is how cumulative life insurance works. The insured concludes a contract for
the amount of his savings, makes the first payment and immediately comes under protection
insurance company. In the course of accumulation under the contract additional
investment income. The insured person also receives payments upon the occurrence
the insured event, and at the end of the term of the contract - the entire amount of the savings.
Strangely enough, Maria says that she really hoped for a victory in the action, although she had never
won big prizes. Her son Vasily arrived to support the winner. It was he and
Maria Grigorievna's other children convinced her to go to Kiev to receive a prize. Although not all
relatives and friends believed in the reality of what is happening. Still - a prize of more than 1 000 000 UAH.
“It turned out that the children were right and the companies are solid,” says Maria Grigorievna.
“Now we will always be there for 10 years,” the general director of INGO
Ukraine Life ”Tatyana Ryzhova, who on behalf of the company signed an insurance contract. -
"Such projects not only change for the better the lives of individuals who win the action, but
and will contribute to the popularization of life insurance. ”


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