Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that due to a significant deterioration in the epidemiological situation as a result of COVID-19, medical facilities are overloaded. The number of patients is constantly growing, so it takes more time to organize medical services. Therefore, we kindly ask you to plan your visits to the doctor 2-3 days in advance, especially if it falls on weekends and holidays.

To avoid unnecessary contact with patients, do not visit medical facilities and other public places with large crowds unless absolutely necessary. At the first sign of a respiratory illness, stay at home and contact the INGO contact center to organize medical care.

Also, the workload of our company's contact center lines and medical institutions has increased significantly, so the waiting time on the line and the organization of medical services may increase. Please do not make repeated dialing of the dialing numbers. This only overloads the incoming call queue more. If you cannot wait for the operator to respond, please contact the contact center via Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, chat (Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 18:00) and form 103 online on the company's website (around the clock).

Recommendations to the insured:

  • To organize a scheduled visit to the doctor, please contact the INGO contact center 2-3 days before the desired date.
  • Do not visit medical institutions and public places unless absolutely necessary.
  • In case of illness, stay at home and wait for the organization of medical care.
  • Contact the INGO contact center using alternative channels (viber, telegram, Facebook messenger, chat and form 103 online on the website).

INGO Insurance Company makes every effort to fulfill its obligations and organize medical services as soon as possible.

Official statement of the company's Management Board
We hope for your understanding.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones.