INGO Insurance Company is one of the best insurance companies in terms of assessing the human factor at enterprises. This was stated by Vitaliy Melnyk, Head of Engineering and Technical Risk Audit at INGO, during a webinar on the prevention of industrial risks organized by the National Research Institute of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection.

"INGO is one of the first insurance companies to implement this system. In Ukraine, we are among the leaders in analyzing the management system (human factor). We move away from technical aspects and look at people. We evaluate an enterprise based on the human factor," he said.

According to the expert, the analysis of losses shows that they mostly arise with the participation of humans. The human factor is becoming increasingly important due to the development of technology and the complexity of production processes.

However, there has been a positive trend in Ukraine in recent years, as many companies are trying to introduce and adhere to high production standards, adds Vitaliy Melnyk.

"During the pre-insurance inspection, we pay attention to the general management of the business, the implementation of internal standards, and emergency planning. The pre-insurance inspection is conducted to minimize the occurrence of an insured event," he explains.

After the inspection, insurers give recommendations on how to protect the potential insured object, and their implementation will allow business owners to reduce their risks.

INGO Insurance Company has been operating in the insurance market since 1994. It holds 29 licenses for various types of compulsory and voluntary insurance, and provides insurance services to corporate and retail clients. The company is one of the largest insurance organizations in Ukraine in terms of premiums, own assets and insurance claims.