"INGO" insurance company is constantly working on improving the service for the insureds. This time, the company has updated the service chat bots in the most popular messengers Viber and Telegram, which help customers to get faster and easier access to the health insurance service.

From now on, you can easily generate your own electronic card of the insured person in the chat bot, which is an exact copy of the plastic one. Thanks to this, you can easily confirm the availability of the policy during a visit to the doctor or pharmacy.

Also, in the new version of the chatbot, it is now possible to apply for a planned visit to a doctor through the 103-online form, as well as to contact the referring doctor directly in the chat.

According to Serhii Maistrenko, the Head of Personal Insurance, this has already made it possible to reduce the customer waiting times and the convenience of using the health insurance service. "The company's future plans include expanding the practical functionality of the chatbot," he noted.