21 march 2024
2 min.

Medical supplies and tools, equipment for the Armed Forces and electronic warfare equipment - aid in January-February 2024

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As we promised, in January 2024, INGO allocated almost the entire budget allocated for New Year's greetings to charity. To implement such social initiatives, the insurance company actively cooperates with the Charitable Foundation "For Free People", which was established on the initiative of the employees of the Ingo Medical Center.

Already in the first months of 2024, the company helped the foundation's volunteers organize regular trips to the front line, providing 90% of the amount needed to purchase equipment, medicines, equipment, etc. In addition, another UAH 60 thousand was raised by INGO employees through personal donations.

Thanks to the support of INGO and other donors, the following items were purchased:

  • Medicines (symptomatic first aid kit)
  • Hospital medicine
  • Medical instruments
  • Drones
  • Dual batteries for drones
  • Thermal imagers
  • Tactical equipment
  • Stretchers and drags
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Electronic warfare (electronic warfare) equipment

As always, the foundation's volunteers personally delivered the equipment and medicines to the military units and formalized the transfer with the relevant documents. Despite the weather conditions, difficult roads and other difficulties, they travel hundreds of kilometers to deliver the cargo. Volunteering is not their main activity. All of them continue to work at their main place of employment, finding time and energy to help those who help all of us.

Thank you for your concern!


TheCharitable Foundation "For Free People " provides social and humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced persons and affected civilians in regions with high intensity of hostilities. In addition, the foundation's volunteer team organizes assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the TRO military formations.

INGO is one of the main donors of the Foundation, which in 2023 received more than UAH 3.1 million in cash donations and used them to fulfill the requests of its beneficiaries. Another UAH 8.7 million was received in the form of goods. In total, in 2023, the Foundation "For Free People" provided assistance worth more than UAH 12.9 million.

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