Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Please accept our sincere condolences on the death of Oleksiy Opanasovych and his wife Raisa Mykhailivna Vadatursky.

This is a real loss not only for the family and friends of Oleksiy and Raisa, but also for the whole of Ukraine.

The stable partnership that has developed between our companies over the years allows us to understand how important Nibulon and Oleksiy Opanasovych's activities are for Ukraine.

He has always been an example and a model of an energetic and professional person who does not stop developing and constantly expands the scope of his business. The reputation of Nibulon and him personally will forever remain a benchmark of integrity and reliability.

It is difficult for us to comprehend what has happened, and we deeply mourn with you and the families of the victims for this irreparable loss.

Sincerest regards,

The team of

JSC Insurance Company "INGO"