The Personal Insurance Sales Division of INGO Insurance Company observes the increase in the activity of clients insured under health insurance programs. The average number of daily calls in June increased from 750 to 950 calls.

However, according to the results of the last month, "INGO" organized and paid for medical services with a total cost of over UAH 14.3 million. Compared to May, their number increased by 27%, although in hryvnias this indicator became smaller.

"In May, the company made a number of payments for the services that were provided in the previous difficult months, when the medical institutions had problems with the administration of payments", said Deputy CEO Serhiy Maistrenko. - "Now the situation with the payment for medical services is being equalized in accordance with the current level of appeals."

During June 2022, INGO organized and paid for more than 12,000 medical services for its insureds. Most of them are the medical consultations (37%) and medicines (30%). They also quite often applied for dental services (11%) and for obtaining instrumental diagnostics (13%). The rest - therapeutic massage, vitaminization, ophthalmology, pregnancy management, day hospital and hospitalization.

Also, during June, over 2.3 million hryvnias were paid to the persons aggrieved as a result of accidents.