During September, "INGO" organized more than 18,500 medical services for insured persons, which is by 19% more than in August. The insurance company accrued UAH 24.2 million for their payment. It is planned to pay another UAH 424,000 under the accident insurance contracts.

"Currently, we are observing the greatest activity of our insured clients since the beginning of the war," - Deputy CEO Serhiy Maistrenko noted. - "The number of planned visits to medical institutions has increased. We also have the onset of seasonal diseases and a delayed demand for medical services. Along with the worsening weather conditions and a decrease in the average daily air temperature, we expect a further increase in the number of appeals," Serhiy Maistrenko clarified.

During September, approximately 1,700 requests were observed daily, which is by 30% higher than in August. Most often, in September, the insured persons applied for medical consultations (+12%) and received medical drugs (+36%). The number of requests for vitaminization has almost doubled. The number of ophthalmological care increased by 33%. The ambulance call had to be organized more often by 52%.