Another update from INGO Insurance Company will bring convenience and accessibility to the owners of voluntary health insurance policies. A new feature has been introduced - an interactive map of medical facilities available directly on the company's website in the Health Insurance section.

This update allows the insured to find information about medical facilities in their region or any other convenient location. The interactive map shows the location of medical facilities, diagnostic centers, dentists, laboratories and health centers.

The service offers a number of advantages, including the ability to select the nearest medical facility using the geolocation, add favorite facilities for further quick access, and filter by facility name, type, and location.

Along with the map, the website has updated the downloadable file of the medical facilities database, which includes data on the level of departments. Instead of being divided by insurance risks and types of medical care, all information is now presented on one sheet. The risks have a price level from 1 to 4, where 1 is the cheapest (or available to all when covering the corresponding risk), and level 4 is the most expensive.

Users can easily use this new feature on both mobile devices and desktop computers. This decision emphasizes the company's efforts to provide its customers with convenient and quick access to the necessary medical services.

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