Take out health insurance for your whole family in Dobrobut: get a personal consultation and enjoy a discount!

There is great strength in partnership. We thought so, and together with Dobrobut medical network, we created our Dobropolis - a comprehensive health insurance program for adults and children that provides full medical support for your family at Dobrobut clinics.

But even this was not enough for us, and together with our partner we went further to be closer, more convenient and affordable to our customers.

The result is as follows. From now on, our mobile POS of Dobropolis operates weekly on the basis of Dobrobut. And it is there that you can get all the answers about the insurance program: how it works, what it includes, who can be insured - we will answer all your questions. And most importantly, you can get a 10% discount only at the mobile point of sale.

We remind you that Dobropolis exists in two formats:

  • "Dobropolis Emergency" for emergencies when a team of doctors is needed here and now: heart attack, stroke, injuries, exacerbation of chronic diseases, acute appendicitis, etc.
  • And "Dobropolis for Every Day", which provides your family with a full range of outpatient and inpatient care from Dobrobut medical specialists throughout the year: medical consultations, home health care, tests, instrumental diagnostics, massage, etc.

The mobile POS operates once a week. The location changes every week. Find information about the next points of sale in our social media.

Take care and stay healthy!

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