During a long stay abroad, the issue of medical care becomes even more important than during a short trip. After all, despite the government's support for our internally displaced persons in the EU, not all Ukrainians can receive high-quality and timely medical care there.

Insurance of medical expenses abroad (the so-called travel insurance) helps to solve this problem. Policies allow insured persons to receive a range of medical services and medicines abroad free of charge, not only in public but also in private medical institutions. Having an insurance policy, the insured person does not have to worry about making an appointment with a doctor, finding a medical facility or medicines. All this will be organized for them by specialists, and the insurance company will guarantee their subsequent payment. The main thing is to register claims on time using the contacts specified in the policy and follow the recommendations of the contact center.

That is why travel insurance is in even greater demand today than before. Figures show that compared to last year, sales of relevant policies in the first half of 2022 increased by 17%. The vast majority of insurance contracts are concluded by corporate clients, i.e. companies for their employees. And, as a rule, for a long time (more than 30 days). These are mainly drivers and employees of companies that have temporarily moved their offices abroad.

In recent years, INGO has been trying to simplify and improve its "travel" insurance as much as possible. As a result, INGO policies can now be purchased online, even when you are already abroad. The company also reduced the cost of insurance for European countries and countries of popular tourism (Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, etc.) by 20%. At the same time, INGO policies are no longer valid in the territory of the aggressor countries - Russia and Belarus.